Will 10 minutes on the treadmill help me?

Will 10 minutes on the treadmill help me

I think other exercises are better than spending 10 minutes on a treadmill. You will not get enough improvement of the fitness level, burning more calories, from 10 minutes on your treadmill. But when you want to make proper time spent on your treadmill for 10 minutes, you need to follow a different way. You can mix up your speed and also the incline. So, 10 minutes on the treadmill can help you to keep your heart healthy. If you have not enough time, you can try 10 minutes workout on the treadmill.

10 minutes workout on the treadmill

Best commercial treadmills help the users to lose weight and keep the body fit. Treadmill also helps to improve the health of your heart. So, you need a fitness or workout plan on a daily basis according to your time. If you are a busy person and do not have enough time to spend on a treadmill, you can spend at least 10 minutes on it. It is the question of many users “will 10 minutes on the treadmill help me?” Of course, it will help you. To get any change of your weight, stick to the following routine to burn your calories.

  • At first, you should warm-up yourself by walking or jogging for two minutes. If you are a beginner, you can walk for these two minutes.
  • Then start with high motion. Do it for one minute.
  • Now run with incline for 30 seconds and jog with the incline for 20 seconds.

Repeat the process again and again. By practicing every day, you will able to keep your heart healthy and also lose some weight. But it is better to increase the time if it is possible for you.

Some tips for 10 minutes workout on the treadmill

Now I am going to show you a few valuable tips that will help you to start the daily exercise of 10 minutes on your treadmill.

Notice that your arms swing or not

It is an important matter to swing the hands while you exercise on the treadmill. If your arms swing a lot, you are maintaining a good form. Besides, if your hands swing wrong, you may have the risk of injury. During the interval training, you should swing the hands straightly from front to back. It prevents injuries. When your arms swing, it ensures the exercises of the muscles of the whole body.

Speed up the treadmill naturally

Do not crank up your treadmills speed. Remember that, you are running for your fitness. So, accelerate the speed naturally, that is safer for your workout. Do not speed so high by thinking that it will burn your fat quickly. Just put your effort and increase the workout time to get more benefit. Shut your machine with a deadmill run.

Save your weight for later

It is not a better idea to bring the hand weight on your treadmill. You need to run faster, and stronger without weights. It will result in a more fat burn.

Mix the incline to make strength

It is a great idea to run with an incline. You should vary the incline because an incline is responsible for reducing the pressure on your and it decreases the knees stability. So, balance some inclines that help you to make you stronger and fit to do more exercises for a long time.

Focus on your work

Though 10 minutes on a treadmill in a very short time, you can be successful if you focus on your work. In this case, you should have a treadmill that is designed for your works style. It is essential that you can change the speed, duration or incline of the treadmill easily. Focus on the mileage quality. By this, your 10 minutes brings you a lot of benefits.

Start your workout with some warm-up and end it with cooling down yourself. To face more challenge, keep your eye on the speed, incline, and training.

If you are a beginner on the treadmill, you should check your walking and running form. Start slowly and then speed up your maximum for few minutes. Do not compare the treadmill practice with the outdoor training. For 10 minutes exercise on the treadmill, try 4 to 6 mph. But if you are the intermediate runner, you can try 6 to 8 mph. The advanced runner can try faster. As your time is short, you should try to do the best use of your time.