What to do When your relocation relies on your security deposit


Relocation is a tiresome task and it’s something you cannot do alone. You either take help of your friends or experts so that your valuables reach safely and securely to your new location but before moving you want your security deposit back to cover up all the expenses but getting is back is nothing less than climbing Mount Everest. You have to convince your landlord and the act should be convincing enough to impress them.

How is that even possible?

Let me share my experience to shed light on the whole situation. I was living in Melbourne for over a year now and then one day I received a call for a job. The job was in Brisbane and they were offering perks that one couldn’t say no to. It was an opportunity that I didn’t want to miss but when you find happiness, you have to tackle the conditions surrounding it. Same happened to me. I had to relocate to Brisbane that too in 15 days. At first, I thought of saying no as it was looking not possible but one of my friends encouraged me to take up the challenge.

The challenges that I faced

I was not sure if I will be able to perform the whole move in such short notice but with the help of my family and friends, I was able to start positively. I contacted the landlord to notify him and requested for the security deposit but I got the vibes that there are very fewer chances. So I sat upset and started looking for tips and tricks to get bond money back.

Google Was My Savior

During the search, Google presented me with some businesses that offer end of lease cleaning in Melbourne to ensure your landlord is impressed enough to release your deposit.

I came across Zero Spot Cleaners and contacted them directly as I was curious to know the magic behind all this. They thoroughly explained the cleaning process and offered me the cheap end of lease cleaning package to get the work done. Then I started packing and when I was done packing came two men and a truck people to move my stuff to the new location. When the items were packed and kept on one side of my apartment, I realized what my landlord was trying to convey to me. It was untidy, spots every and the tiles were black(which were white when I came in the flat). I prayed to God that the end of lease cleaners do their work well and I am able to get my deposit back or else it was of no use. I would end up getting the apartment cleaned by paying for it from my own pocket and also getting rejected for my bond money. 3-4 people came to my rescue and when they were finished, I myself couldn’t recognize the house I lived in for more than 3 years.

I instantly called the landlord to inspect the apartment and voila he was impressed. He was happy with the apartment’s present status and assured me that he will transfer the security deposit to my account in a day or so. I had a sigh of relief because at one moment I had lost all hopes.

My suggestion To Other Moving Out Tenants

Don’t stress yourself and try not to make any judgments of your own. Getting your security deposit is a tough task and there are many times when you get the negative vibes but you shouldn’t stop trying. If I can do it, you can do. Consult experts, its free. You will find peace when they are done with the eolvc cleaning. Humans of Brisbane are very friendly and I don’t feel I am in a new place, it seems so familiar.