What is flat feet problem? How it can be cured?


Arches between the heels and toes make the standing and walking possible. And when there is no arch in the foot, it’s called the flat feet or fallen feet. Arches create propulsion which helps the person to run.

Some people are flat feet by birth and some have the problem because standing work all day, increase in weight and excessive acids in the body. Some people are flat feet by walking barefoot all day on hardwood floors, which can easily be prevented by using cushioned house slippers made for hard floors.

Arches of the foot comprise of tendons- these are tight bands which connect toe bones to the heel bones. There are various tendons which make the arch in the foot and facilitate the lower leg and the foot working in a proper way.

With fallen arches the ligaments get overstretched than required, that’s why walking, running and even standing gets too much pain. It becomes so painful at night that the person wakes up due to the severe pain in the foot. Not the only foot, but it also results in the pain in the legs and goes to back. Most patients with backaches are due to the fallen feet.

Below are some remedies recommended generally by the best ayurvedic clinic in Punjab that soothes the aches

Heels and toes exercise- alternately 20 times stand on heels and toes each, twice a day.

Ayurvedic supplement- take a capsule of haldi daily at least a month or two, it helps in the inflammation.

Arch supports- if you don’t have supporters in their shoes, immediately buy arch supporters from chemist of their respective size.

Hot salt therapy- take a cup of salt and heat it in the pan until it gets extremely hot, then put it in the cotton cloth and tie at the painful points of the foot. If it is too hot that skin cant tolerates and let it be cooled slightly and then apply on the foot. Do it for 5 minutes every night before going to bed. It gives much relaxation from pain and foot stress.

Roll your foot- take any smooth rolling pin and place it beneath your foot and roll the foot for 10 minutes, improves blood circulation from the toe to heel and vice versa.

Avoid acidic foods- over a required quantity of the citrus foods and acidic foods result in the pain in the ligaments and the tendons. Some foods which are suggested to avoid are citrus fruits, kiwis, nuts, pickles chilies, hot curries, vinegar, brandy, pineapple, tomatoes, and packed food.

Avoid excessive caffeine intake

Avoid too much of salt intake

Massage with oil

Massage is considered as the ayurvedic knee pain treatment in India but if you have prepared the oil from herbs as mentioned below

Preparing herbal oil

Here are the ingredients of making the oil; 50 drops of clove oil, 100ml of naraqan oil, 30 drops of ayurvedic eucalyptus oil. Mix all three contents and store in a bottle at a room temperature. Start massaging with thumb or four fingers from legs to the heel and then the calves of legs then moving downward direction from heels to the toes. Do this around 10 minutes a day. Initially use less pressure while massaging as and when the person used to it, then slowly increase the pressure.