UV Rays and Sunglasses: Look Great but Make Sure for Keeping Eyes Safe


We all know that our eyesight is very precious but people don’t take it serious about eyes protection. You must protect your eyes by wearing branded safety glasses.

As we know sun emits energy in different forms.

  • Sunlight we see is one form of energy
  • The heat of the sun that we feel is another form
  • UV or ultraviolet rays are the third form of energy

The third form of energy is invisible and very hurtful for eyes and eyesight.

Types of UV rays:

Over time two types of UV rays can cause a number of eyes problems.

UVA: While hurting your central vision, it can affect macula that is a fragment of the retina at the back of the eye.

UVB: Most of the UVB rays are absorbed by the cornea and lens but can be more hazardous than UVA.

Protection of eyes against UV rays:

By two important ways, you can keep your eyes safe from UV rays.

  • You must aware of the danger of UV rays.
  • Wear proper eyes protection like Wiley x safety glasses and hats before going outside.

Yet it is not confirming, how much portion or amount of UV rays can harm your eyes and eyesight. Ophthalmologists recommend wearing high-quality eyewear and brimmed hats. Brimmed hats can limit the UV rays above or around glasses. For sufficient protection, your sunglasses should be,

  • Could block out 99-100% of both UV rays.
  • Visible light could screen out 75-90%
  • Should be perfectly matched with color and could deliver the distortion-free vision.

But if you have to spend a lot of time under the bright sunlight. Wrap around style frames like 3m v1000 safety glasses can be a perfect choice. If you are contact lens wearer, you must use sunglasses over contact lenses. UV rays mostly affect the eye tissues and they cannot be covered by contact lenses. Your eyes will be more comfortable in viewing after blocking the bright light.

If you are at the beach, you should wear dark tint sunglasses with polarized lenses. At the beach, you have to face two major issues, sunlight and water reflection. You should buy only those sunglasses who has a clear statement that how much UV light can block.

Who is at risk:

Everyone included children is at the risk of UV rays that can lead to vision loss. Sun-related eyes problems are higher for those people who,

  • Spend their maximum time in the sun, should wear 3m safety glasses zt200.
  • Caught by a certain disorder of the retina or cataract surgery
  • Who has a certain medication, their eyes could be sensitive for light.

When you need eyes protection:

Whenever you have to engage for a long hour in the sun, you need perfect eyewear with brimmed hats. Besides this, there are a lot of outdoor activities in which children and young are involved. Here is something to consider for outdoor activities.

Biking or cycling:

  • UV protection
  • Protection against wind and debris

Boating/winter sports/hiking/mountain climbing:

  • UV protection
  • Glare protection

You can get more information through below link,

  1. Benefits of prescription sunglasses

Final words:

You make sure for providing protection not children but teenagers and young as well. Kids are on higher damage in later life if their eyes are not protected very well. If children wear prescription safety glasses, they need a proper tinted lens that can protect eyes from UV rays.

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