Top 5 reason your website is not performing well on Google


Search Engine is developing day by day. Every single month they hit a new update. And like me, there are lots of marketers are trying to figure out how to stay on top of the search result on google. And avoid those rank drop issue from every single update on google or different search engine.

Today I’ll discuss with you the top 5 reasons that you should solve immediately to avoid rank drop issue. Because of this few mistakes will take you down and deep slip on your sites organic traffic.

If you are optimizing your blog or your website perfectly then you will never face this type of issue. However, there are few websites that they are doing very well and never get the desired organic visitor from google or any other search result.

So, here today I’ll discuss with you only the top 5 reasons that boost up your visitors to your bog.

  1. Website Design and User Experience: A perfect well professional looking website impacts greatly to the user experience on your website. You should design your website thinking of your targeted audience. So that you can keep them to your website. If you are choosing very low-quality user experience design with a low budget then it will through you deep into the sea. It’s very sad that most of the beginner doesn’t want to invest on their website and don’t think about the design quality of their website.
    1. If you make regularly very good high-quality content and put high-quality images then it doesn’t mean that your website will come to the top of the search result. If your website design is not standard and if it doesn’tGooglew the google requirements then it’s pretty hard to rank on google.
    2. One of the most important facts is mobile optimized design. If your website is not mobile friendly then you can’t rank on any other search engine. It’s a required thing.
    3. If you are using WordPress CMS platform to build your website then there are lots of mobile responsive and well-designed WordPress themes for you. However, if you want then you can take a look at this website GoodlyWP it’s one of my favorite website where you will find the most popular free and premium WordPress themes review for your startup website. Or you can choose any of them and redesign your current website perfectly.
  2. Meta Data Optimization:  Site’s page title and metadata description are one of the most important section that many of you avoid putting. If you don’t optimize your meta description with your targeted keyword and don’t optimize your title then it’s one of the sign to drop rank from the search result.
    1. Before publishing your new article you should double check your post/page title and metadata properly. So that they don’t miss the keyword on the meta description and title.
    2. Another important part is to put the proper alternative key to the images. Which we cal alt attribute. There are most of the webmaster avoid this or some of them put just random text to pass the google crawler. But remember this is one of the most important parts to optimize your website properly.
  3. Keywords and Content Quality: For making a successful blog website or any kind of website proper keyword research and competition analysis is the key to make a website successful. And this theory is only for those who want to generate organic traffic passively. Proper Keyword selection is the key to take a post top of the google or any kind of search result.

If you target a wrong keyword then all of your hard work will be given you nothing. Because of choosing the wrong keyword. So be careful when you choose a keyword for your website.

Also, targeting high competitive keywords also take you down or you have to put lots of effort into it to rank on top of the google.

Generally using a low competitive keyword and low search volume keyword with properly targeted niche will rank very quickly top of the search engine. So, you should choose always low competition keyword if you are beginner then don’t go with a high competitive keyword. It takes you down.

  1. URL Optimization: Any of post or page URL has great impacts on it’s ranking on any kind of search result. Mainly we focus on Google here. If we follow google ranking factor standard then all other search engines will cover it by default.

So before publishing any post or page, you should double check the URL. You may ask what is the standard rules of optimizing URL on your post or pages?

Here are the standard rules how you should Optimize your URL

  • Use targeted keyword into the URL
  • Make URL short not more than 4 words
  • Don’t use date year or any number into the URL
  • Don’t put: And/or/of etc stop word into the URL
  1. Quality Backlinks: There are so many different strategies about backlink. Different webmaster provides different strategy and information about the backlink. All you have to try to get a backlink from those websites who have organic traffic more than 500+ per month. It doesn’t matter the age of the site and DA/PA. So, forget about the DA/PA nowadays it doesn’t matter if that website has organic traffic then you are ready to get a backlink from that website.

But make sure, before taking any backlink to your website from another website you should see how they build their website that means, the quality design and the quality content is one of the important facts for your website.

Conclusion: So, at the end of this point, I hope you understand how much important is those top 5 topic for your website and how you should take care of your website to stay top on google. However, there are lots of information and method that you can follow. But those are the top require primary things that you should follow. Feel free to ask me if you have any question.