The Latest LinkedIn Features 2018 That Will Help You Grow Your Network!


LinkedIn has slowly, but surely, growing in size, quietly adding to its already formidable list of features that’ll help you with LinkedIn profile creation and network growth. LinkedIn has, with the help of Microsoft, offered several new data tools and integrations to help subscribers. Here are the latest LinkedIn features 2018 that you can use to build your network, in addition to the main features of LinkedIn. With all the new features, there’s no question in people’s minds anymore about why use LinkedIn for business.

  • LinkedIn Video

Now you can go ahead and post engaging content that’s related to your professional interests. Whether you want to upload a video of your accomplishments, or collect video recommendations, this feature will definitely help you grow your network and your business. According to LinkedIn, video content is shared about 20 times more than any other content on LinkedIn. Adopt this feature into your professional profile and watch your network grow. LinkedIn Video is one of the best of the latest LinkedIn features and benefits. If you’re wondering how to use LinkedIn for business marketing, use this remarkable feature.

  • Conference Frames

Here’s how to use LinkedIn for business development. Brand your videos and images at industry events, HR events and other professional events. LinkedIn’s added new, Snapchat-like video filters to the new video tools feature. Now conference attendees have the chance to add their own event frames to the videos they generate when they attend conferences. These conference frames are designed to resemble conference badges.

They are location-activated, which means they can only be used while attending a conference or event. The tool helps to promote various events, thereby generating interest which boosts platform engagement and network size. Of course, LinkedIn benefits in its own way, as this feature will make people prefer LinkedIn for posting event updates. LinkedIn plans to make the frames a self-service option, which will be great for marketers and professional networkers.

  • Website Demographics

Website Demographics is a new feature which helps brands optimize their LinkedIn campaigns and content. LinkedIn’s Website Demographics uses listed LinkedIn data to allow you to identify the kinds of professionals visiting your site. This tool could be a blessing for B2B brands that target content towards specific demographics. For example, if a company’s been targeting CFOs only, the Website Demographics tool will easily provide the info on whether or not CFOs are visiting the site, and if they are, then how many and when. In this way, companies can be sure that they’re connecting with the right audiences and refine their marketing efforts to connect with more of the same.

  • New Tools Added To LinkedIn Groups

As it is, LinkedIn Groups is a valuable networking tool, enabling people to connect with relevant professionals and groups. However, the LinkedIn Groups feature is inundated with spam which hinders the work of actual groups. Other social platforms are putting more emphasis on groups, and LinkedIn’s is improving and refining its group offerings as a result. There are now more notifications and improved navigation and video within LinkedIn Groups which improve the efficiency of this offering. A thorough LinkedIn search will give you all the LinkedIn Groups of the type you’re looking for.

  • LinkedIn Publishing Notifications

In the last few years, LinkedIn’s publishing platform has undergone several significant changes. LinkedIn has been a great place to construct one’s personal brand and build a network with a showcase of industry knowledge. Professionals would post their updates and blogs to gain their network’s attention and notifications would be sent to the first tier of professionals in the network.

However, later on LinkedIn changed its post distribution strategy. At first all the first tier contacts were notified, and then when that became too much, only select individuals were notified. Now LinkedIn has further refined its distribution algorithm. While your posts will reach a select audience, that audience’s engagement will now indicate further distribution. This means LinkedIn is no longer a viable publishing network for content publishing. This LinkedIn basic featureis one of the most appreciated in the new LinkedIn functions list.

  • LinkedIn Ads for Matched Audiences

There was a time when the LinkedIn Ads feature was not integrated with analytics and targeting options. Other social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter already offered these options. However, LinkedIn has now incorporated these two elements into their Matched Audiences rollout. LinkedIn Ads for matched audiences is a LinkedIn premium feature.

  • AdvancedInMail and Sponsored InMail

Till recently, LinkedIn allowedusers to send messages only to 1st level connection via InMail. As of now, users can send messages to their 2nd- and 3rd-degree connections as well, after checking out their LinkedIn profile features. The InMail feature is available only to paid users. LinkedIn offers a specific number of InMail credits every month. Users can also invest in sponsored InMail, which allows them to send messages to targeted audiences. InMail is the best way to ensure that your message doesn’t get lost among all the connection requests. What’s more, it’s like regular email, so you can insert a subject line and make your intentions very clear so that your message is read and received. Check out LinkedIn tips for business development using InMail online.


All major social networks are constantly updating their algorithms to present more sophisticated features to help individuals, marketers and organizations to achieve their goals. LinkedIn isn’t far behind them now, with the changes we’ve listed for you. We look forward to what LinkedIn comes up with next to benefit professional networks. If you’re not a member of LinkedIn yet, and if you’re still wondering exactly what is LinkedIn, we strongly recommend you create a profile and use LinkedIn features for business and watch LinkedIn growing your network. If you’re wondering how to use these new LinkedIn features, refer to the online Help System.