Should You Choose Toilet Replacement or Repair Services?


Like any other element of your home, the toilet might run into problems at some point or the other and this eventually leaves you with one question: should you repair or replace the toilet? Now, toilet malfunctions can indeed be a nightmare, but there are certain issues that can be fixed with simple professional repair services and don’t necessarily need a complete replacement. But again, if toilet replacement is not performed on time,  it can trigger frequent repairs and add to the expenses too.

There are times when the signs become too obvious, indicating that you need to replace the toilet immediately. For instance, continuous problems that ask for repeated professional services and at other times it requires a bit of effort to understand what would be the right decision.

Warnings Signs that Indicate It’s Time for Toilet Replacement

Here are the common warning signs that indicate you need professional plumber for toilet replacement:

  • Need of frequent repairs: Does your toilet require repair every now and then? If you see yourself going to the hardware store too often for toilet parts then this clearly means you have to install a new toilet. Without a doubt, the repairs will keep the toilet running yet the results will remain for a short span of time, after which the toilet will again require repairs making it a costly process.
  • Toilets gets clogged often: Overflowing and clogged toilets is something that no homeowners want to experience and if you have to deal with them every week then the chances are your toilet is not performing the way it should. The older toilets usually have a low-flow and should be flushed number of times in order to work. This indeed can get frustrating and it’s wise to go for toilet replacement to install advance models.
  • Toilet tank or bowl is cracked: The presence of cracks at any part of the toilet is not such a good sign. With time, the toilet does develop certain hairline cracks and the porcelain becomes a leaky mess too and no one wants this to happen! A good practice is to perform periodic inspections to see whether they are at their best condition or not. If you find any cracks, a smart move would be to hire professionals for toilet replacement services.
  • Toilet uses a lot of water: Is the toilet using way too much water which has significantly increased the water bill too? Toilets do use a lot of water, but in such cases you must always upgrade the old ones with new and advanced versions that have new flush modes and use approximately two gallons of water per flush, compared to the five gallons of water seen in older models.

When Repairs Turn Out to Be The Right Solution

Going with toilet replacement may not always be required, especially when:

  • Running Toilet: If the toilet is constantly running water it can be quite annoying and cause noise too. There are certain ways that you can use to determine what the problem could have been. But a good practice is to hire a certified plumber for immediate help.
  • Toilet is not flushing: If the toilet does not flush then this can be due to faulty flapper, clog, no water in the tank or broken chain. No matter what the reason might be, a professional can easily detect what the problem is and come up with the required services.

Therefore, the rule is simple if your toilet experiences problems or has been too old, you should without a doubt go for toilet replacement, while in case of minor issues you can rely on the simple and effective repair services.