Relocating Home Don’t Do These Moving Mistakes


It was last summer when I received a call from Melbourne for a job I had applied for some time back. As a single mom, I have a lot of responsibilities and expenses to take care of, and this was one of the opportunities that I couldn’t say no to because it was way more than what I usually earned with my two jobs. But this opportunity came with a condition “I had to move from Adelaide to Melbourne”. With two kids and one pet, it was more like choosing between family and job. I was in no mood to say no to the job as it was going to solve many of our financial problems. So I sat with my kids the next day and shared the same with them to know their views. They were more excited than me after hearing and my little girl started packing her dolls, tea house in her tiny bag. I had a sigh of relief as I had prepared myself for the worse. One problem down and 3 more to go. Now came the second concern, how to pack the furniture before moving

Internet Came To My Rescue

I have a lot of furniture, old and new. There are many memories attached to it and I wanted to move everything with me but some of the furniture was old and had to be moved cautiously. It was not one man’s job and I was badly in need of help and the clock was ticking. My son saw my worried and gave me his cell phone to look for a solution. I started searching for words like “furniture packing tips”, “furniture removal company” etc.

I read literally 10 articles before hiring CBD Movers Adelaide for my furniture removal. It was my first house move and I was surrounded by clouds of stress. I found their information from one flare website and called them immediately. The lady on the other end sound very calm and explained every single step involving the move. I told her that I was not moving alone instead I had to move my kids and a god as well with me. She took note of everything and asked if I need packing services as well. I said yes and in 3 hours, two guys came to my place to analyze the home and went back to bring the packing material.

Soon Came The Moving Day

I had packed my personal stuff and kid’s as well along with dog food, kitchen cutlery, crockery clothes and let the professionals handle the heavy items. They disassembled my furniture, bubble wrapped the fragile items and loaded everything in the truck in less than 4 hours. And soon we were on the road to a new life, a new city. There was a feeling of fear mixed with a feeling of adrenaline rush. I was excited but was worried about my kids as well. But my family seemed calmer than me. My dog was more excited than anyone else. He was wagging his tail the entire journey, literally enjoying every bit of it.

Melbourne – City That Never Sleeps

We reached Melbourne a bit late but the city was lit and the view was mesmerizing. I would define the experience as “A city that never sleeps”. It was late yet we had to finish the unloading and placing the items at their said locations. The removalists team was very active and didn’t show any sign of tiredness. They came out of the trucks and in no time unloaded my house furniture and other items, unpacked them followed by assembling it and placed everything exactly where I told them to. They did their job and that too in a very budget rate.

How I Moved My Pet With Ease

I was worried about Dexter(my dog) throughout the journey and before moving, I had read a lot about moving with pets so I followed each and every step to make his move easy. What I learned from the relocation was that while moving pets, you need to be aware of the things that your pet needs throughout the journey and how you need to keep him busy so that he doesn’t get distracted during the traveling time.

  • Keep pets toys somewhere you can access easily
  • Keep Water and pet food in the vehicle
  • Make few stops during the move and let your pets stretch a bit
  • Interact with them throughout the journey

Keep these things in mind and make the transition with dogs a success.

Now I feel moving to Melbourne was the best decision I took. Very happy and enjoying the life with my family at the fullest.