Reasons for India to Emerge As a Global Medical Power


Not quite so long ago, people residing in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc. travelled to countries like US, UK in order to pursue best-quality medical care. However, times have changed now. With the advent of technology and innovations in the medical field, countries such as India has emerged to be one of the most sought-after destinations for medical travellers from all over the world to seek medical care or treatment.

The boom in the medical tourism in India has been contributed by a wide range of factors including, affordable medical treatments, best-in-class quality medical care, wellness tourism, cost-effectiveness, comfortable accommodation options, experienced pool of medical professionals, and above all, premium-grade hospitals in India with top-class state-of-infrastructure.

Types of medical treatments available in India:

Availability of quality-assured and highly affordable healthcare services in India’s best hospitals are one of the prime two reasons why people from all over the world choose to come to India to meet their medical needs. The medical tourism in India covers a host of medical arenas that may include, IVF, cosmetic surgery, infertility, organ transplant and oncology. Also, Indian medical tourism is known to offer best-quality treatments in other fields such as cardiology, dentistry, bariatric procedures, and telemedicine. Apart from that, surgeons working in various medical units in India have the expertise and experience to perform minimally-invasive surgery with absolute precision.

Factors why India has emerged as a global power:

India’s popularity as a reliable medical travel hub could be attributed to several factors that can include,

  1. The emergence of eminent hospitals: Indian medical units specialize in offering best medical treatment in India that matches the International standards. Apollo group of hospitals is one such name that has created a niche in medical treatment in India with its clinical dexterity. Not just this, Apollo is also known to provide medical treatments that meet an individual’s requirements and range. Apart from Apollo, India is home to many such premier medical and healthcare facilities including, Fortis group, Medanta, BLK super speciality, to name a few. All such hospitals are known for serving the global populace with their immaculate health care services at lowered costs.
  2. Low Cost: One of the prime reasons why India’s medical tourism has gained momentum is the low cost of the result-oriented medical treatments in the country as compared to the developed nations where the same procedure can cost up to several thousand dollars. In addition, India’s medical facilities are equipped with supreme-class medical facilities and highly-skilled medical professionals.
  3. Access to world-class equipment: Also, India has emerged as one of the most favoured medical travel destinations due to the availability of advanced medical treatments and surgical intervention techniques at reasonable costs. Even the medicines available in the country are far cheaper than its developed counterparts such as US or UK.
  4. Demographic structure: India’s demographic structure also ensures the absence of cultural as well as language barriers both. This helps patients and attendants to savor the benefits of a hassle-free, friendly and personalized experience.

With best hospitals and expertise in place, patients global and local both are choosing to come to India to seek best medical care at affordable cost.

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