PUBG Mobile Latest Update: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Every time you play


PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround is one of the most popular online battle shooting game which has over 50 million downloads on Play Store. Ever since this amazing shooting game is launched everyone is searching for tips and tricks which can help them get a chicken dinner.

However, getting a chicken dinner in pubg mobile isn’t that easy, if you’re not following any strategy. There are about 100 players in total which are there to get the winner’s title, and if you’re a beginner at pubg mobile then it’s quite difficult to get #1.

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to have that elusive chicken dinner which is there for the winning team. So, today I’ve some great tips, tricks, and strategy which can help you become a pro in PUBG online battle game. If seen carefully then these tips don’t actually teach you, but let you discover your own way to survive and win the battle. But following these tips will increase your chances of getting a chicken dinner as promised to a winner.

PUBG guide: Beginner to Pro for mastering Battlegrounds

Game Settings

Before we actually come over to tips and tricks about how to play pubg, check a couple of game settings. By checking these game settings you can perform better and can easily get more kills.

  1. Selecting TPP or FPP

TPP i.e. third person and FPP mean the first person. You should carefully select between these two options. PUBG latest update allows you to select your view in which you are more comfortable. Go to Game settings, just below start button select game mode and choose TPP or FPP according to your comfort.

  1. Graphics setting

You should always select graphics according to your device’s capability. PUBG mobile adjusts itself, but in case you feel that frames are dropping then lower down the settings. This will help you with a lot more smoother gameplay. Although, higher graphics will easily allow you to spot enemies what’s good for if your game is lagging and delivering you poor performance.

  1. Peek and Fire

Go to Settings> Basics and then turn on “Peek and Fire”. This move will help you in peeking from behind your cover. Because of this setting, you can easily knock out your enemies without exposing too much to your enemies. But be careful, your head will still be exposed when you’ll be taking shots.

  1. Keep Auto-Open Doors

Go to Settings> Basics > Enable Auto-open doors. This setting will help you to quickly get into the building without wasting any time waiting to open the door. But be careful with this setting, you still have to close the door every time you open it.

Be Careful While Landing – Choose your spot wisely

Selecting the correct spot is the most vital part of your whole gaming strategy. You and your squad must go to the perfect spot after jumping off the plane. You should select the spot where you think the competition is less, this will help you get some time for loot. Meeting less player just after you’ve landed, will ensure you that you get enough loot to survive through the ultimate battle.

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What Position? Where you should camp?

In case you’re having 4x or 8x scope then you should stay on the edge of play zone, just near where the white circle ends. With this technique, you can get a complete view of the play one and can aim your enemies more accurately.

Another great tip to follow is to shoot to kill. If you’re left among top 20 people then always aim to shoot. Always shoot if you think that you’ll be going to knock out your enemies for sure, otherwise you’ll end up revealing your hidden location. Direct aiming for headshots is a very nice way to kill your enemies without putting many efforts.

In case, there are only two of your team members are alive then keep hidden. Don’t try to be a hero and jump straight into the battlefield. Keep yourself prone, and let your enemies fight.

Always wear headphones while playing

You can easily find out your enemies location with the help of footsteps and background sounds if you’re wearing headphones while gaming. You can also head distant gunshots and can prepare yourself for the ultimate battle. It might not sound like much but believe me, this will make a huge difference in your gaming experience.

Keep off, annoying team members

Always mute your audio if you think that your team members are bothering you. In the latest PUBG mobile update you can easily mute annoying teammates which are making you mad.  This is one of the best tips which will help you focus on your game without being bothered by anyone.

Hiding inside vehicles

Keep sitting in the co-driver seat is another good strategy which you can follow to fool your enemies. Without any movements, you can easily fool your enemies. But be careful, not to park your vehicle in open areas. Trees and bushes or other less suspected areas are highly recommended.

Using eyeball, without moving

You should always use the eyeball without moving a bit. Using this feature will help you suspect your enemies without revealing your location.

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Keep having Painkillers and Energy drinks

Using painkillers and energy drinks often during the battle with buying you good healing time and also keep you active in the middle of the battle. You might have noticed that none of the healing material like bandages or health packs allows you to heal over 75% accept medikit. Here come these painkillers and energy drinks. These two takes time but will end up healing you till the last limit.

Don’t go for fancy shoes and boots

Always avoid wearing fancy shoes and boots in footwear. This is not recommended at all. If you’re not following this tip then you will end up revealing your location to your enemies. Enemies can easily knock you off by hearing your footsteps

Disable Auto-pick: Choose wisely

Always choose your stuff wisely throughout the battle or else you will end up filling your backpack with all those things you aren’t using at all. You can also drop the ammo of guns which you’re not having any more.

Lastly, I would like to give you another tip. You should always remember that PUBG is a survival game, the one who last at the end, wins. So, in case you’re not a pro, don’t go for enemies. Let enemies come for you and stay with your squad.

By following these tips you can easily increase your winning chances by at least 50%. Isn’t it’s great. So, what’s your strategy. Are you a beginner or a pro? If you have any other tips for our readers then please tell us leaving your valuable comments below in the comment section… 🙂