Privacy Policy

articles planet privacy policy

Content Creation is not just a platform to make sure that the information is conveyed an easy way but also something that helps many business ventures to make sure that nothing negative is being written or portrayed about them. A written piece of information is very powerful as it can be used as a weapon of destruction by just writing a few words or on contrary, it can also make a good impression about the subject of the article.

Here we are mainly focused on the concern regarding the privacy of our users and members. For every person what is of utmost value is their privacy and non-disclosure of confidential details. This can be covered in some crucial pointers they are:

Customer and Membership Information:

A customer’s basic right is to privacy, their personal and confidential data is to be kept a secret affair always. These details can be anything, be it the legal name and contact info or be it confidential, data such as passwords or payment related info. We will make sure that all the information about the customer is held in strict confidence without any doubt of disclosure by either trading it internally or to third parties or renting, but only to be used for services provided by the website.

User/Member/Client Communications:
The communications that take place between the customer and us will strictly be used for the services provided and also for enhancement of our services regarding your requests.
It is also not ethical to harass, stalk, harm and abuse any user while using our site.

Confidential Obligations:
It is also necessary to come to an agreement that no content or communication is to be uploaded or shared on any other third party forums that contravene the rights of anyone.Furthermore, it is also infringement to disclose or jeopardize confidentiality regarding any information about articles planet. As stated in the agreement that a member signs.