What You Should Know About Body Contouring Surgery


Body contouring is a series of cosmetic procedures intended to enhance body’s look by changing its shape and size. This surgical treatment is commonly performed to contour the thighs, upper arms, abdomen, waist, upper torso, and buttocks. The surgical procedures range from fat extraction to surgical implants and improving skin tone, and the best wrinkle reduction treatment. The goal of this treatment is to extract and tighten extra skin, most commonly after massive weight loss. It also helps in tightening saggy skin due to aging and childbirth. Excess of skin can cause following issues to a person:

  • Poor posture
  • Lower self-confidence
  • A backache and shoulder pain
  • Problem in walking and running
  • Infections and chronic rashes

Who is the ideal Candidate for this Procedure?

A good candidate for this procedure should:

  1. Have no medical history or condition that would reduce recovery process
  2. Be a healthy and fit person
  3. Have a realistic expectation and a positive outlook
  4. Avoid smoking for any skin tightening treatment
  5. Be dedicated to having great and healthy lifestyle with correct diet, nutrition, and exercise

Is it right for you?

In body contouring, each procedure is highly customized and may not be correct for everyone. It’s important to talk to a specialized cosmetic surgeon before deciding the same. The doctor will analyze your condition and overall health and prepare a suitable treatment for you. You should consult your doctor even if you’re looking for the best wrinkle reduction treatment.

Any area of the body can be reshaped and improved with this procedure. Some of the most general body parts people look forward to improving are:

  1. Breasts
  2. Face and neck
  3. Calves
  4. Upper arms
  5. Waistline and back
  6. Abdomen
  7. Thighs

Here are some body contouring procedures:


This method removes extra skin and fat from the tummy part, flattens the stomach, defines the waist and tightens the muscles. It’s performed on an outpatient basis, and the patient must follow the physician’s instructions. Post surgery, he needs to avoid strenuous activity for 1 to 2 weeks.

Body Lift

This treatment is a range of separate procedures focusing on various parts of the body. No matter, it’s breast lift, arm lift, thigh lift or any other procedure, the cosmetic surgeon eradicates extra fat and skin, improving and tightening the problematic areas of the body to give a patient’s body a firmer and younger appearance. This treatment is intended for people who have gone through a massive weight loss, and they are left with poor body shape, fat pockets, and loose skin.

Breast Lift

With growing age, breastfeeding or excess weight loss, breasts start getting flat or sag. This procedure tightens the breasts and makes them lifted, young and attractive.

Arm Lift

Arm lift tightens the loose skin, reshapes the upper arms, removes the extra skin and fat and enhances the look under the arm. Commonly, liposuction is performed jointly with an arm lift to attain the most positive and best results.

Buttock Enhancement

This method increases the natural shape and size of the rear by lifting buttocks that have sagged or flattened with time.  Buttock contouring is commonly done with the help of the fat injection. Fat is accumulated from various parts of the body where it’s not needed and injected into the buttocks and make them look attractive. In many cases, stable silicone implants are also used for this purpose.

Face and Neck Lift

Ageing and weight loss can give a saggy or drooping appearance to your face and neck. In this procedure, a complete facelift is performed to tighten the facial skin, extra fatty deposits are eradicated, and sags are lifted, and fine lines are ironed out, helping the face to look younger and brighter. This procedure is considered as the best wrinkle reduction treatment. In a neck lift treatment, extra skin is removed around the neck area and beneath the chin.

Thigh Lift

This procedure is helpful in reshaping the legs. It’s commonly used for the patient who has gone through a massive weight loss. The procedure can address the issues in the inner and outer thigh, or both.

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