Nation’s top researcher who spent their careers studying early education gave a clear strong message the preschool programs better prepare kids for kindergarten. Whereas, families are becoming nuclear both the parents are working. Preschool is the only place parents can depend on.

The first years of child’s life are a very sensitive. Your child is in the process of development. Preschool lays the foundation for cognitive development in the child. His behavioral, social, physical capabilities are developed here. Preschool programs provide support for the parents and the children. These support learning facilities and structured experiences help in child’s development. In preschools, children learn to do, feel, share, interact & play.

Studies suggest that preschools offer the array of benefits to children, their families and to their community. Children learn best when they learn to interact with their peer group, teachers, and parents. Preschool is about honing and molding the child so that he could be benefitted from it. There are many play school in Nagpur to choose for your kid.

Improved social skills:

Children keep themselves busy better with other children and adults. The environment in preschool allows toddlers to gain vital skills that make them listen to others and put forth their own ideas, make friends, share and co-operate. The reason children may face difficulty in school is that they never learned the social skills in preschool. Social skills mean how to listen, talk, take turns, accept cultural differences, apologize, to request and to say thank you, how to speak in a group of people, help each other, learn compassion and empathy.

More preschool means a child is more prepared for Kindergarten:

Children who attend preschool are better prepared for Kindergarten than children who do not attend preschool programs. The children who attend preschool are better socially and academically prepared to begin kindergarten.

Preschool means a child is more prepared for life. Researchers have proved that students who start the education experience earlier than Kindergarten, fare better long-term careers.

The concept of Cooperation:

Kids learn how to share, cooperate, and take turns guided by teachers who care for the children’s best.

This is very important for them, who is not used to sharing with his/her siblings at home – although it is a difficult lesson it is crucial learn it early.

Preschool provides an opportunity for kids to learn in a structured setting:

Preschools give an opportunity for them to be in a structured setting with teachers and groups of peers

The school will prepare children for a school where they get to learn more academic things:

In preschools, the focus will be on the development of pre-match and pre-language skills which will help your child grow up. And also he/ she will not cut important play time that every toddler needs. Preschool education offers both. In fact, these programs are based on learning through play, so learning will be fun for your kid, have no doubt!

Improved attention spans:

Preschool helps in discovering new experiences, new environments, and friends. This will help them to improve their ability to listen, comprehend, follow and participate in group activities. This will improve their overall concentration.

Enthusiasm for lifelong learning:

Children attending preschools are confident and curious.

Children learn to face challenges; settle easily at school which benefits them from learning faster; and gain a long-term interest in learning different things, including music, dancing, singing etc.

One more important reason is that as a parent we also need time & space to work, time alone or pursue some hobby. Preschools offer them a much-needed break. And the child also needs time away from his /her parents and comfortable home situation to learn about the outside world, people. Children should learn to trust and to become independent.

Parents should keep in mind preschools are about having fun and gaining social skills–  not getting the academic education. Kids should imagine and to socialize because this fosters creative people.

Parents should not forget that child’s education does not stop once they are back home from preschool. They should be told a lot of stories and all their questions should be answered.

Brain development is highest during the first five years of life. The brain forming is important for development child’s ability to perform and function well in life. Children can learn at a very fast rate and they need new information. Wisely choose your child’s preschool.