Hydroponic Garden, Technique and Business for Any City

Hydroponic Garden, Technique and Business for Any City

Hydroponics is a technique to cultivate in the city obtaining the nutrients from liquid solutions. It is considered to food safety of the populations. Since they improve the use of space and all resources.

Hydroponics is a word derived from the Greek “hydro” which means water and “bonus” which means work. It is a method of growing vegetables, fruits and flowers without using soil. Providing food from the plant that directly grows through its roots in water. This technology allows an increase of 25% more plants in the same space than using traditional methods of cultivation on land.

With this system, you can grow any type of plant because the difference is that the substrate is replaced by water and nutrients. The foods that are born from this production are healthy and free of the contaminants that the soil-plant have. Besides, they are perfect for small spaces (ceilings, walls, and terraces), they are easy to install and have a low cost.

What is hydroponic gardening?

A hydroponic garden is also known as a vertical crop and has pests among its main challenges. Because where there is life there will be associated life. Mushrooms and molds are the worst attackers of hydroponic plants, but there are also bacteria, viruses and some insects that can damage them.

The most common fungus of the seedlings and prevents their growth. It arises from the excess of water so it is important to review the crops in detail. Its symptoms include necrotic spots on leaves and stems, yellowing of foliage, wilting, as well as necrosis and rotting on stems, roots, and fruits.

If you already showed up you should wash and disinfect all the equipment and let it dry before planting something there again. These fungi live in the dust and can stick to clothing, shoes and so on. So a general and complete hygiene is the salvation to start a new crop. Fungi are associated with decomposition and can live as spores in the air, adapt to water or remain stuck on surfaces.

Bacteria are the second group of care since they can quickly multiply and survive for prolonged periods initiating new infections.

Finally, viruses are the pathogens that cause more losses of plants. Should take preventive measures such as eliminating sources of infection. Its main symptom is the change of color in leaves and fruits, but this can also be due to the nutritional shortage, or else, to the lack or excess of water, so before acting, discard these possible causes.

If you want to keep a hydroponic garden crop healthy, you must take great care of the conditions of the environment in which you will sow. it is essential to properly ventilate your plants. Do not exceed the amount of water needed, and take care of the space between one plants to another. Provide your crops best sprout led light. Also, take care of the weeds because they carry some of the pests to which your plants are more susceptible.