How to Save Money While Traveling Abroad and Avoid Getting Ripped Off


When saving for your big trip to a foreign country, you tend to go to an extraordinary extent. When you are planning your trip, there are two things that you are going to experience.  The small things include taking up a ham sandwich to work daily and not having a haircut for days. The bigger things include getting a trade-off for your car with the one that is not functional to its potential. It might also include asking someone for money or taking that away from them.

Many platforms claim to provide the cheapest flight options. Such platforms also provide information on the time when you can get the best deals for their travel package.

As soon as you land at your destination, you find yourself spending too much on something that you do not need.  Many people who live abroad are honest. Some people who come to know that you are a foreigner would scam you on a lot of things. These scams come up with new ways and try to rip you off. Here is some expert advice for people planning out their trip. This is going to help you avoid getting ripped off while traveling in a foreign country.

Don’t End Up Paying Too Much For Your Bank Fee And Other Charges:

If someone demands a considerable amount of money on foreign of your credit cards. If you are using a regular credit card in your country. Then it is a high chance that you are paying too much to your bank when you are using your bank card abroad. You can also get a credit card that does not charge you on transaction fees or other charges like the local bank fee.

Book Activities That You Want To Experience In Advance:

It is an ideal situation where you can map out your travel itinerary, get it printed and get it laminated. Do this before you set out on your journey? If you list down and map up activities that you want to perform during your trip, you might across one of the best deals to experience. You can use internet by DirecTV Packages and look out for things that you can do while traveling. It helps you plan your budget and have an idea about the things you can enjoy and plan you’re spending ahead.

Avoid Getting Hammered on the Currency’s Exchange Rate:

Do not do any kind of exchange of money or cash withdrawals at the airport. Take this as an option unless you need some urgent cash for a sudden expense like some fee or anything like it.  A good idea is to get to an ATM in the town and withdraw your money bad be very careful. You will be able to save around 10% per dollar by making a little effort. If you are buying something using your card at a shop or a restaurant, the merchant might ask you about the currency you would like to pay in. Always look for a local currency option. If you decide on paying in USD, you are actually asking them to set an exchange rate. This method of payment is not reliable as well.

Are You Going To The Right Restaurant?

This is one of the key rules for tourists looking for something that is affordable. It is a good practice to come over such places at dinner time. It is a good idea to turn to a tourist restaurant. These places are not hard to identify. You can identify these places by the bright pictures of food and have their unique style of menus and street hawkers. It is a great practice that you should avoid such places as these places are a major rip off, tourists. You can look for places that are ideal for tourists. When consuming something like wine, make sure that they open the bottle in front of your own eyes. If it reaches your table opened, don’t fall for it as it can be a fake.

Be Careful About The Cooking Oil Use:

Having food on the streets like the locals of the country might be something very exciting to do. But you need to be very careful while having food from the cart or somewhere in the street. You should see if the oil they are using is light yellow in color. If it is something like dark brown, it is gutter oil or recycled oil. Some vendors also bleach wasted oil so that it appears to be golden.

Befriends With The Locals And Be Kind To Them:

One should behave in a friendly way with people you are living with. A little kindness can get you a lot of benefits and will help you save money. At times, you might not be getting any material gains but you will be winning a lot of hearts in the process.

Spending Less On Phone Data And Calls Is Possible:

You must be spending too much on a slow internet connection and will be seeing a lot of numbers on your bills. You can go for either of the two options. You can either go for a data sim or you can ask for an international package that you can sign up for. You will be able to get your very own internet connection having an amazing internet speed as well. At times you might not have a good speed.  Don’t forget about getting it canceled when you return back from your trip. The good part is that you don’t have to go through a whole lot of a process and get yourself a connection to the internet.

These are some recommendations that might come in handy when you are on your super exciting trip. I am pretty sure that these easy to follow practices can get you a lot of savings while being on your trip. I would recommend that you should always have some reserve cash with you in your account. This is going to pay off if you might need something or an emergency arises during your trip.