How Packers and Movers Work?


Packers and movers are the shifting companies that serve for relocating services locally, nationally, or internationally. It provides all the essential services that is needed for a customer to make a smooth move to a new destination.

In this let us discuss the shifting process of the best packers movers in Nagpur.

  1. Visit your house

The first step of these moving companies is that it pays a visit to your house to have a look around the space and the household stuff that need to be packed and moved. This gives them an idea for providing a quotation.

  • Negotiation

There are many companies that negotiate. After providing the quotation, the company leaves a room for negotiation. It gives a kind of satisfaction to the customers for having finalized the deals at their own rates. Lastly, with the consent of both the parties, they arrive at a final figure.

  • Terms and conditions

When the deals get finalized between customer and the moving company, it is essential to revise the terms and conditions of the agreed deal. The moving company also interestingly provides every detail including insurance.

  • Finalize the date

It’s time to finalize the date of shifting. The customer needs to clear all his related queries and give them a final date of shifting to allow them to make preparations for the final day moving.

  • Arranging the packing materials

It is part of the company’s duty to arrange the quality packing materials including the carton boxes which is required to pack the household things. There are different packing materials for the varieties of household goods. For the fragile items, washing machine, refrigerator, etc, the company provides the special packing to avoid breaking of the fragile items and dents on the other goods.

  • Timely packing

It is their responsibilities to arrive timely on the packing day. It is their part of job to carry with them the extra workers to help them taxonomy out the packing issues. It is included in their part of job sorting the household things completely or start with one room first as they feel comfortable to work. Their main aim is to complete the packing task at the given deadline.

  • Providing the list of the packed household goods

After packing the complete household things, it is their part of job to make a list of the packed stuff. The list then needs to get checked with the customer and provide them a copy of it. A crucial point need to note by the customers that they need to verify the numbers of packed items with a list provided to them. Also, check if there are a few items left unpacked like flower pots that are also needed to be added in a list. The company is not responsible for any lost good that is not mentioned in a list. The professionals need to get a list signed by the customer after they verify a list with the packed items.

  • Transport

After the packing job is completed, the next step is to load the packed items in transport. It all depends on a customer’s decision if the packed stuff needs to be loaded the same day or the next day. Sometimes, the shifting company loads the packed stuff and then leave it in their storeroom if the moving procedure has time to start.

Arranging transport is either a company’s job or it falls on a customer’s end. It is decided before while hiring the shifting company. The reputed and companies running from years, mostly provide their own transport which makes easier of a customer’s part.

  • Loading and unloading

It is completely the moving company’s professionals and helping staff’s job to load and unload the packed stuff. If there is any vehicle that is needed to be shifted to a new destination, then the packers and movers take initiative to arrange for it.

  1. Unloading and arranging

After reaching to a new destination, the company’s workers need to unload the packed stuff. Arrange it all in the directed place by the customers. Verify a list of the packed stuff with the customers assuring them that the listed household packed stuff is unloaded properly and arranged. The workers also need to get the documents signed by a customer to leave no issues for later.

Conclusion Relocating is a lengthy process. It consumes time and need to spend money. It is good moving company’s job to perform all the above listed responsibilities and provide the best services to their customers.