How has smartphone addiction stolen childhood?


Children are supposed to enjoy their playful, care-free childhood without any peer pressure of owning gadgets. Kids should show more excitement for field football than enjoy FIFA world cup video games. In fact, many kids take brutal revenge on social media platforms than fighting it out face to face, just like old times.

These significant yet common changes are evidence that kids have stopped appreciating the innocence of childhood. 

After witnessing this sad picture, many parents are turning towards parental control apps for help in Secure Teen. As they say, the only venom can kill venom; similarly, only one app can kill another. One can easily limit screen time and block obnoxious content through this app. Care to give it a try?

Why is Gen Z tech Savvy?

Generation Z was born in the period of digital devices. They are comfortable around mobile phones and tablets. Almost by the age of 10, most kids have their private mobile phones or should we say “smartphones?” By the time they are adolescents, they are already trending on social media.

But, ever wondered what makes this generation so comfortable with technology especially smartphones? Honestly, the addiction is due to the benefits they enjoy from a smartphone rather than the device.

Let us see some fundamental reasons why this generation is addicted to smartphones;

  • Smart devices encourage the habit of multitasking. This generation wants everything at once!
  • This generation is highly creative and innovative, and to support their ideas they need ample of information and connectivity at all times. And that’s precisely what cell phones offer!
  • This generation is used to getting things easy. Most of their answers are readily available on the web. As oxygen is to lungs, the internet is to kids!
  • Corporates and schools are pushing on digital awareness. Most companies are going paperless, and they want their employees to be comfortable with this reform.

Smartphone addiction is a serious concern considering all the benefits and advantages it provides. Let us intimately understand the issues as a consequence of smartphone addiction.

Is smartphones addiction dangerous?

More and more kids are reliant on smartphones. They get all their answers on the internet. Right from creating a sophisticated science project to finding an ice cream shop, kids use a smartphone for every situation. Can you imagine a day without Google Maps, will you be able to see your destination?

Smartphones addiction has created a sense of dependency. In fact, kids do not find any source of entertainment other than phones. Sad, but true!

Addiction to smartphones is not only dangerous but making kids handicapped in many ways, let us see how:

1.  Poor Decision-making skills– Kids rely on smartphones for all their answers. Nowadays, using your brain is a far-fetched thought.

2.  Lack of concentration– Mobile phones makes humans restless. When there are multiple applications available at the same time, it gets tough to make a choice. Lack of focus adversely affects studies. Concentration has shifted to the next reply from your WhatsApp friend.

3.  Health consequences– Smartphones definitely has many critical health problems. Eye-straining, posture issues, poor sleep cycle, etc. are very common, but when mental health is compromised, it can get unpleasant. Kids suffer from anxiety and depression, as a consequence of social media Affects on Children.

4. Reduced social interaction– Online chat rooms and video calls have drastically replaced face to face meetings. Watching adults, kids have started replicating the same.

5. Fake enjoyment– Nowadays, happiness is only characterized by adding photographs on social media. Kids do not understand the importance of living the moment. They are stuck behind cameras to be the first one on social media and have forgotten to capture the real memories of events.

Bad habits at a young age, have several future repercussions. At the corporate and managerial level, kids will lack social skills. They will find themselves helpless without a smartphone.

Is there a solution to control my kid’s mobile phone activities?

So, where do we draw the line? Is there a way to limit cell phone activities of kids? Yes, absolutely and it is readily available.

Bit Guardian Parental control app is the answer to your agony! It is the one-stop-shop to all necessary parental controls. Focus on your kids’ physical presence with the outside world without the need to snatch cell phones from them (which might have consequences of its own!). Use simple techniques like;

  • The app blocker to restrict gaming apps
  • Schedule mobile phone activities. Have time schedules for bedtime, study, and dinner.
  • Using the kiosk mode, design your kids’ phone is the most constructive and straightforward way.

Kids need to change the purpose of using cell phones. Parents must instill the habit of using phones only for emergency or making calls. Everything else is easily possible without smartphones!

Can I still save my kids’ childhood?

Technology has transitioned our simple problem-free life into a fast-paced drama. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp are used to share personal life with the world. Today’s biggest concern is “how many likes will I receive on my Facebook display picture”? First world problems, right?

Peer pressure, school performance, and hormones are creating a weird dilemma in the kid’s mind. Yet, we believe kids can be saved from complete destruction.

Parents have to be vigilant at the right time and right age. Observe your kids’ behavior closely and understand how you should parent them. Many kids may not need counseling to understand the consequences of smartphones, while many kids do. You can still rescue your kids from completely getting addicted to digital devices. Digital freedom is necessary only in limited doses! Spend time with your kids before it gets too late. As the old men say, it is better late than never!