Five Tips For Covering The Golden Triangle Itinerary Like A Boss


Nothing could go wrong with the cliché classic trip of all time, India’s Golden Triangle route, which covers New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. We have visited this circuit more than seven times during the last decade and we would like to share our top five secrets to enjoy this circuit like a boss.

Choose the right weather

You are about to venture into the heart of India and a city in the desert state of the country. Choosing the summer season would be a disaster, as it would cause heat strokes, sweating, and other problems. In addition, not all attractions will be at prime beauty during the summer season.

Monsoon would shower the destinations with heavy rain causing havoc during sightseeing. Thus, it is better to stick with the winter season. Winter starts in November and ends in March.

Pre-Book Everything

Tickets, hotel rooms, travel services and every other element of your vacation, which could be pre-booked, should be booked at least a month before your vacation.

The first reason is the demand of these services will be sky-high and if you try to find services at the eleventh hour, you might end up staying in a cheap motel, traveling in a crowded bus or even end up missing any important destination due to crowd and traffic.

The second reason is the cost. With such a demand, a thousand bucks hotel room would be sold at three to four times the price during the peak demand. If you book a month ahead, you can enjoy the normal pricing.

Check The Cuisine

Indian cuisine is colorful and flavor-full. Delhi is very famous for its street food. You ought to try the meat dishes of Jaipur and the Mughal sweets of Agra. Always stick with authentic shops and hygienic sites to dine. This does not mean that you need to dine only in signature hotels.

Choose restaurants with minimum facilities, if possible. You might not be able to find the medicine brand of your choice in Indian pharmacies. An upset stomach could upset your whole vacation. So, plan accordingly.

Always Have The Third Eye

No matter where you visit in this vast world, there will always be a group of people who live out of scamming you. It is up to you to be alert during your vacation. Pre-booking all amenities is the first step of safety.

If you are traveling alone, do not explore the regions after dark. Avoid off-beaten routes and destinations, while alone. Most importantly, do not trust anyone you see in the station or road, who offers to help you out of no reason.

Blend In

If you really want to enjoy the vacation, you need to blend in. There is no point in spending your entire vacation inside a boutique hotel. Get down to the street, enjoy the local activities, visit the bazaars for shopping, try wearing local attire, visit pilgrimage sites, enjoy cycling trips and get close to nature and culture.

Golden Triangle tour has the iconic attractions in the top metropolitan cities of the country. Therefore, there is very little chance that something might go wrong during your vacation. With these five tips, your vacation will be epic and experience-filled.