Expert Guide To Perfumes For Date Nights


Expert tips are here to change the way you smell. Read ahead to find out simple ways to smell amazing on your next date night.

The scent is considered as the best form of memory. If the mind picks up on it, it will not be able to forget it easily, reminding the person about the one with whom the smell is associated with every little remembrance. You can also create this amazing experience by switching to a mesmerising perfume. Several perfumes are available in the market however, only a handful of them will b able to give you the results you are looking for. Telling all these perfumes apart is always confusing for the perfume lovers, but with the help of the experts, you can make it possible. We have curated some expert tips for you to buy, use and create a unique aura with some of the finest of perfumes.

Qualities you need to look in date night suitable fragrance:

Fragrances that are meant for date nights are quite unique. They can make you stand out in a room full of people giving you all the attention of your beloved. If you are habitual of using the same fragrance everywhere you go, stop and take out time for that ideal scent for your next date. If you are not sure what to get, look for these qualities.

Mesmerising fragrance: You want to create a mesmerising environment around your beloved so it is crucial for you to choose a mesmerising fragrance. The perfume should be captivating to get his attention. Oriental perfumes are known for creating this sensual yet pleasing effect. Go with something like Opulent Femme Gold Dust Perfume that is known for its seductive scent.

Gentle yet striking notes: If you are moving towards the strong perfumes, stop, coz you need something gentle yet striking. Since you will be sitting very close to your beloved, wearing a strong perfume can him or her feel uncomfortable. You can avoid it by switching to gentle striking notes. Go with gentle oriental perfumes with aromatic notes. Floral, fruity and fresh notes with a sensuous touch of woody notes can give you that striking touch.

Long lasting power: Since you will need the perfume to last for all night, probably taking dinner and movie home, invest in the right scents for date nights. Avoid all the perfumes with low fragrance essence since they evaporate in no time. Use Eau de pèrfum or perfume oil for the best results. They have a high perfume essence, lasting for more than 8 hours with one application. Perfumes like MPF Opulent Colognes have quite a high essence concentration giving you amazing long lasting perfume with a sillage that your beloved will not be able to go away from you.

How to wear perfume on a date?

No matter how expensive your perfume is, if you are not wearing it properly, you will not be able to get the best results out of it. Here are expert-approved ways to wear the perfume to date nights,

Apply not more than 2 sprays: You will be too close to your beloved so avoid applying too much perfume. Just 2 sprays are more than enough to create an alluring effect. Spray on your pulse points or anywhere around your neck and chest area. That will keep your beloved wanting for more.

Spray a little perfume on hair: If you are planning to keep your hair open, spray gentle floral notes on your hair as well right after washing them and brush. This will help in adding a very faint yet noticeable fragrance to your tresses. Your date will not be able to resist you.

Moisturise skin well before perfume: Before applying the perfume, you should moisturise your skin properly to give perfume essence something to stick to. This will not only help your skin to look vibrant and supple but will make the perfume last longer than usual. You can keep all these points in mind while buying your ideal perfume for the date. Stick to the international brands known for their longevity and sillage for the best results. You can buy these perfumes from international brands at a budget price in India at websites like Perfume Booth. 100% original perfumes with assured quality checks, these perfume stores are trusted for their work. Choose the right brand for sensual aromatic scent and make your beloved fall in love with you every single time he sees you.