Do you ever play a game physically? If no then escape room is one of the best physically playing the game ever. After reading this article I am 100 percent sure that you will try this game because it is very interesting and full of adventure.  

If you are never know about escape room then this article provide you complete idea that what is escape room?

An escape the room is a game in which you can play by yourself physically and deal with the puzzles and mystery by using your intelligence and strategy. You are providing a limited time in which you will discover the door through which you can go outside. You can play this game with your team and it is absolutely your choice that you want to play it with your family or friends. Your team should have at least one member that is above 16 years old because it is the game of intelligence so there should be someone in your team who will elder enough to understand clues that is hidden in the escape room. You can use all your skill in this game, as this game is also a good exercise of brain.

There are some of the rules, which you will have to follow to play this game. You are not allowed to bring a paper, pen, mobile phones, any other electronic devices or cameras with you. The operator of the room will provide you the things, which will use in the escape room. Let me clear you one thing; don’t think that no one can see you when you will be locked, the fact is you will be monitored by hidden camera or any other technology which they will use to watch you.

It is a theme game and every theme is related to the story in which you play as a character of that story. The room is fully designed according to the provided theme; you will use your efforts to solve the puzzle, find the clues and open the door of the next room, which is also hidden. Every room consist of different themes such as the theme of jail, laboratory or horror theme and there are also some operators inside the room to which you are free to seek any help if you are not able to understand anythings.

One most important thing that there is a time limit for each team and you should unlock the final door of escape room within that time. The time is approximately 60 minutes or about an hour in which you will have to complete the game. You are allow to have at least 2 or maximum 20 members in your team by with you are decided to solve the mystery of escape the room. This game is full of fun and adventure, and the experience of physically gaming is also fantastic. Once you play it, you will get addicted to it.