Essential Points to Be Kept in Mind While Planning Your Umrah Journey


Umrah and Hajj are the two most sacred part of every Muslim’s belief as they have special significance in Islam as well. Every year millions of Muslims travel from different parts of the world to fulfill their wish of performing Islamic Pilgrims’ Hajj or Umrah. Hajj is performed once in a year and it has a specific tenure and time, but Umrah can be performed any time, it has not reserved month such as Zil Hajj. Many people like to perform Umrah in Ramadan but this is not a compulsion that Umrah has to be performed in Ramadan you can perform it anytime and any month of the year. Those who are planning to perform Umrah in the coming year, they can review the packages for Umrah 2019, which has ready been introduced by several traveling agencies. When we decide to perform Umrah unconsciously there are many other things which get neglected by us. Here in this article, I am going to tell all the basic and the essential factors which are important for Holy Pilgrim. These factors are known by many people but most of us manage to ignore them(unconsciously), without knowing that how significant they are.

Remember Following Essential Umrah Steps

While we travel there are many things we try to take with us on any journey. So I am writing this blog for those who are planning and browsing UmrahPackages 2019 to perform the Islamic Pilgrim. After going through it, you will remember the essential points which you might have missed and their significance in the process of performing Umrah. Through this, you guys will become aware of the essential facts to be kept in mind while performing Umrah.

Never Forget the Arkan of Umrah (Pillars of Umrah)

In Islam, everything is performed under proper steps, from namaz to Umrah every single form of worship is done in the form of steps. Hence these steps are defined as the pillar or Arkan. There are Three steps which are followed bye very Muslim who goes to perform Umrah,

Wearing Ihram

This is the most important thing and without Irham Umrah can’t be performed. Irham for men is different from women. Men wear white coloured cloth and women need to wear the Hijab while wearing a gown.

Tawaf e Kaaba

Tawaf-e-Kaaba is very important in Umrah. You have to circulate around Khana Kaa bah and do the Tasbeeh. This is the point where Allah is very close to his man and all the dua done while takingrounds are also considered to be granted and fulfilled.

Performing Sa’ee

This step is the third most important step which includes going in between Safa and Marwah, and doing ziyarats as well as performing Nawafil there.

While performing Umrah people also like to visit the Ziyarat in Saudi Arabia. There are many places which Muslims visit during Umrah. Then it is very important for men to shave their hair on the head after Umrah and for females to trim theirs as well.

Essential Facts which will make your Umrah Journey Less Hectic

Points to Be Kept in Mind Before Leaving for Airport

  1. You need to double check your stuff when you leave for the airport both of the times while going and returning back.
  2. Keep the ticket with you so that you don’t miss your fligh.
  3. Keepyour hotel keys with you and return them on the reception.
  4. Keep your passport as losing it can cause immense trouble to you.

Smartphone perfect travel accessory for Umrah

You need to know the importance of smartphone is not just reserved for posting the picture and using the social media. Through this gadget, you will be able to contact your group in case you are lost and you don’t know where you go if you will have your smartphone there will be no issue.

Try to Stay Intact with The Guide and Group

Smartphones a good thing for managing the contact between you and your people. Even then you should try to avoid the situation where you get panic about your existence and try to stay with the group you came.

Your Luggage Is Your Responsibility

Always keep in mind that your luggage is no one’s but your own responsibility. Try to take care of it, most of the times people lost their stuff themselves and blame the service providers for this. This is the quite unappreciated thing that you blame other after you lose your luggage. So try to settle things after keeping in mind that your luggage is your responsibility only.

Must Have the Currency

You need to have the currency of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Riyal) while you travel. So try to check into the exchange and get your currency transferred. This is the most essential fact and this can cause you trouble when you forget keeping more than the estimated amount while going for Umrah.

Choose The Hotel Wisely

Most of us leave all the things on the decisions of the people who are going with us. Always look and examine the things yourself. And the perfect place to stay while doing Umrah is very important. Your hotel should be located where you can travel easily in fact walking distance is preferred. You need to choose a hotel which offers immense facilities and is near to many food points as well. So that if you don’t like to eat something from the hotel you can always go out and have your dinner. Before you book your Umrah keep the above points in mind, may your Umrah gets accepted in front of Allah and have a safe journey.