Do you think Laser Hair Removal is Easy and Safe?


Are you really pissed off from repeated shaving, tweezing, waxing methods for hair removal? Do you want something easy and more effective to get rid of unwanted hair?

If yes then laser hair removal in India is the best treatment for you as it is the effective, easy, long lasting, and safe procedure to remove your hair from the face or other body parts. Let us understand this method so that we can know that is it really easy or safe or not?

What is the laser hair removal procedure?

It is the cosmetic procedure in which laser of specific wavelength has been used to remove the unwanted hair for permanent basis. It is a non-surgical and painless procedure by which you can easily get rid of unwanted growth of hair and can have shining clear skin.

In this method beam of highly concentrated laser light is used to penetrate the targeted hair follicles. When the laser light is put on the targeted area then it is absorbed by the pigment present in the hair follicles of that are as a result of which hair get destroyed within the follicles and even not grow in the future.

This method either stops the future hair growth or slow down the hair growth means it can give you long-lasting results but not permanent as there is need of periodic maintenance of the treated area so that you could get relief from the unwanted growth of hair.  There are various types of laser lights that are used for the hair removal but the most common are alexandrite, neodymium Yag, diode, and intense pulsed light beam. According to the texture of hair and extent of growth and even depending on the targeted area these light beams are used for hair removal.

Is it effective and easy?

As the procedure is of 1-2 hours and even without stitches, incisions, painless and even done without any use of surgical tools so is considered as an easy method for hair removal.

If you have chosen the best dermatologist in Punjab for getting this cosmetic procedure then you can rely on the effective treatment as the specialist and experienced surgeon can utilize his efforts and best knowledge to use the particular type of beam to give you the effective treatment. Results of this treatment are long lasting and depend on various factors like the area to be treated, the density of hair to be removed, the growth rate of hair and even color of skin also affects the results.

Is It Safe procedure?

This method is applicable for removing the unwanted hair from the face, legs, underarms, lips, and chin or even from the bikini line. The laser used for hair removal targets only the hair follicles of that area precisely and do not affect the surrounding skin. With each pulse laser light treats many hairs at one time so do not damage the surrounding skin.

This method is a safe method and can be used to remove hair from any area except to remove hair from surrounding area of the eyelid as there can be damage caused to eyes.