Developing Thoughts About an Individual


The purpose of writing this article is to showcase how the thoughts are developed about an individual.

The current world has been so restricted to communicate with any person, personal people or professional people, say boss to employee, brother to sister, parent to child. Sometimes I think is it because of the new changes happening in every century about new things or new technology or is this ones ego which comes out. WHY?

Sometimes I ask this question to myself, and what I have noticed by experience is one does not trust each other, If I communicate my thoughts, what next? if positive, well and good and if rejection to response, people consider this as an insult, rather taking it positively and considering as a new opportunity.

Are we depending on the nature reaction towards an individual, dress one wears, type of the food they eat, or is it the type of the entertainment they see or hear.Do we think are these the requirements to start communicating and take such hasty decisions and still we say we are so much technology driven in this new century.

We ourselves have done this and spreading this like a fire and keeping trolling in social media and professional sites.I think we have killed wise and intelligent decisions with this kind of way reacting to a situation and start blaming the new thought process and technology for this and start thinking of innovation and creativity instead of correcting what went wrong in thought process.But usually we realize this mistake later and by that time the impact of this is widespread.

Straight forward communications are trusted since years, and still are more valued in developing ones thought about people, and honestly speaking, we don’t respect them.Please note straight forward communication does not mean to hurt one’s ego, it’s all about how and when we need to communicate, solving the purpose of noble cause.

Stop wasting time who is thinking about what you’re discussing or communicating with whomsoever.It’s you both who have to understand the discussion and trust among yourselves and to ignore the rest of the world about what they think.

If one is so much insecure of negative response, drive keeping alternatives beside you so one need not worry about results of communication and can stay strong. As a human you need to accept the response on thoughts positive or negative and grow strong.

This single step will make a huge impact on others about your thought process about an individual.Bring back the clear thought process what we used to do in our schooling days with plain and simple mind.Now it looks everyday, every minute there is war of thoughts and communication, simply nonsense and rubbish.

To conclude, try thinking over this and with positive note, I feel this may definitely help to increase a positive thought process about a person