Why Concrete5 CMS is Going To Dominate Web Development Industry in 2018?


What makes Concrete5 such a beautiful CMS platform? Well, if you ask those who have used Concrete5, they will tell you what made them fall in love with this amazing CMS platform. From the point of view of the users, it is an excellent CMS platform. Even the developers will echo the same sentiment. Without any doubt, Concrete5 is an excellent platform. Let’s see more on the same below.

It is easy to use and feature rich

The first thing we have to mention is that fact that it is a really easy to use the platform. When it comes to any CMS platform, ease of use is a very important factor. If it is not easy to use, then there is no point in using it. People appreciate the in-page editing and word processing style of Concrete5. It comes with the lot of amazing features including content versioning, reporting, analytics, workflow processes and content editor control. You will also appreciate the fact that it allows deep and complex taxonomies. They have used Zend and PHP5 to build it. And it is an open source platform as well. It has got a very active developer community, which has contributed the considerable amount of enhancements and plugins. Most importantly, implementing SEO is really easy when it comes to this platform. 

Why users love it?

We have already mentioned that both developers and users have their reasons to love it. What are those reasons for users? Let’s find out. If you have been editing and uploading content, you know that it is a tedious and difficult job for many reasons. A lot of things can go wrong as you try to upload or edit. It can add to the frustration. You don’t need to make the simple tasks more complicated at all. Most importantly, Concrete5 empowers the users. All that you need is basic knowledge to operate Concrete5. You don’t need to know coding at all to get your content published.


If you have used Drupal or WordPress in the past, you might be worried about getting familiar with a new tool. Well, you don’t need to worry at all. The composer is really easy to use. There is nothing complicated about it. It will guide you through each and every step. It will tell you what you need to do next. Compared to Drupal or WordPress, it is really convenient to use the composer of Concrete5.


Another thing which works in the favor of Concrete5 is its immediacy. You can make changes immediately. You don’t need to rely on others to get it done at all. Concrete5 is a really straightforward CMS platform. Editing and publishing take very little expertise. And from a user’s perspective, it has to be the most important thing.


You can create multiple profiles for the users. This will ensure simultaneous work. You will be able to monitor who made the changes and when. This makes the management really easy. Another thing we appreciate is the file manager. It has made the whole thing really easy. 


When it comes to Concrete5, there are so many things to love about. Both the developers and users find it really easy to use. For users, Concrete5 provides a better experience than Drupal and WordPress. Developers also echo the same sentiment. All these factors make Concrete5 a highly sought after CMS platform out there.

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