How To Boost Your Blog With Copy writing Techniques


What a lifestyle we would enjoy writing an article about our favorite subject from time to time, recording the odd video and answering our thousands of fans! So much illusion, so much time invested, so many lost dreams …

And that is precisely what I do not want to happen to you.

If your intention is to obtain good income from your blog, you must, above all, generate traffic. If you manage to increase your traffic, you will increase your income.

Because the more visitors you have, the more clicks, the more potential customers, the more sponsors, and more of what generates revenue in your blog.  But be careful, let’s clarify: one thing is to get traffic, and the other is to have Qualified Traffic.

The first one is going to give us a lot of hype, but it does not help much when it comes to monetizing. The second one is going to give us a lot of hype and gives us a reader interested in our offer.

The second one gives us an ideal client. And, how do you get qualified traffic to your blog?

Well, you have different options, which are summarized in the following principle: Or, in other words, you must use the principles of Copy-writing.

Where do you start?

Try to know it thoroughly, very thoroughly, because only when you know exactly what your needs, your fears, your goals, your idiosyncrasies, your dreams, etc., you will be able to connect with that person so important to you.

Then you take out your copywriting techniques,  and you throw yourself to boost your blog and take it to stardom.

Apply These Copy-writing Techniques To The Owners Of Your Blog.

1. Think.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that, being a mere line of text, you can quickly get rid of it.

In fact, I recommend that you write several options and parks for a few hours.

Come back after a while, select the one that seems most appropriate and revise it if necessary.

2. Concrete.

Do not forget that you address a very astute audience that is fed up with empty promises.

Concrete data call much more attention than a generic and ambiguous phrase.

That is to say that a “Get an increase of 147.2% in your earnings with these simple tricks”, will always give you many more clicks than a “Get great results”Yes, you can use numbers, but keep in mind that people are getting tired of so many sevens!

3. Question

As a good and effective blogger that you are, you will have researched in Google the type of questions that your readers ask to this (or other) search engines.

Also, as you know them perfectly, thanks to your previous demographic and empathic studies, you will know perfectly what is worrying them, and what they need to solve:

Obviously, with titles of this type, you have to make an effort to respond and show that your products or services solve that need that the reader feels, and how.

4. Intrigue.

What gives you a tremendous rage to leave you hanging on a headline without telling you what happened?

Because we know that, if you are intrigued, to a certain point, you will have no choice but to continue reading.

Apply Copywriting Techniques To The Body Of Your Post.

Your goal, as a blogger, is not to be objective about the world and the events that happen around you.

We leave that to the journalists.

Your goal is not to tell the facts as is.

Your goal is to persuade.

And for that, nothing better than the narration.

Because humans communicate through stories. Any story is just a simple connection between causes and effects. And this is how humans think: through causes and effects.

Therefore, to promote your blog with copywriting techniques, you have to generate that kind of cause and effect, And that you will get, telling stories with your articles.

1. Prepare The Context.

“Once upon a time in a distant land, a picturesque village located on the bank of a river …”

Tell us how is the little village that you imagine after reading those few words:

Surrounded by trees and crossed by a charming stream? Away from the rest of the world? A micro-universe for whose inhabitants there was nothing else?

Self-sufficient people, who work the field?

Do not you think it’s incredible that those few words draw a universe so detailed in our mind and transport us immediately to the place that the author has chosen for us? Well, that’s how your post should start.

With humor, with intrigue, with inspiring words, with statistics relevant to the rest of the article, etc.

2. Enter Your Characters.

This is where you get to know your characters.

But beware! Do not insist on talking only about yourself.

It is also important that you introduce other characters in the narrative: someone who shares (or does not share) your opinions, other experts on the subject, a person with a story that your audience can identify with, etc.

3. Create Suspense.

To get the audience to stick to the screen, you have to incorporate a whole series of ingredients into the body of your text: dialogue, familiarity, relevance, rhythm, etc …

And thanks to that perfect mix, readers will be completely immersed in your story, and will feel obliged to know what is going to happen? How is the problem going to be solved?

But do not extend the suspension too, because the reader will lose interest.

So once you have created the necessary suspense and curiosity, gradually lead them towards the dissolution of the story, and begin to answer all the questions that are being asked in your mind.

4. Leave Them With A Good Taste In Your Mouth.

The end of a post is not like the end of a fictional story.

You can not leave your reader “hanging”.

Your post, in addition to answering the doubts of your reader, should also solve their problems.

And if your goal is to promote a product or service or generate traffic, this is the time to enter the relevant call to action.

Apply Copywriting Techniques To The Closing Of Your Article.

To get the reader to do what you had planned to do (and what is profitable), you have to incorporate in your text, a Call to Action (from the English Call to Action or CTA).

What is a Call to Action?

The Call to Action is usually nothing more than a button or link that seeks to attract potential customers and direct them to a specific action, whether it is buying, subscribing, downloading, disseminating, etc …

To maximize the potential of your CTA, keep in mind the following tips:

1. Includes Verbs And Phrases That Encourage Action.

  • Try.
  • Follow.
  • Subscribe.
  • To access.
  • Apply for.
  • Check-in.
  • Ask.
  • Submit.
  • Save money.
  • Join
  • Solve.
  • To call.
  • Reserve.
  • To visit.
  • Join.
  • To buy.
  • See…

 2. Write-In Fonts And Colors That Make It Easier To Read.

Usually, a bold message works better, but the key is in the test.

Test and check the color and type of font your customers prefer until they find the most popular one.

3. Create A Sense Of Urgency.

If you manage to create the feeling that the action you propose has an expiration date, they will not think about it.

That is, do not tell them: Call us (when you can).

Tell them Call us today or Call us now.

Because that second option is the one that encourages the reader to do what you want them to do after reading your post.

And, above all, do not forget something very important:


Because writing a blog and taking advantage of it is a marathon.

Few become viral stars of the digital world overnight. Things take time. So, breathe deeply, and step by stop enjoying every second.