Bhutan – A Peaceful Destination to Spend Time with Your Love One


Bhutan is one of the most beautiful places which may not have observed extreme commercialization as it would like to preserve its natural splendor by preserving its forests that cover about 80 percent of Bhutan. Bhutan tour package from Delhi in your mind as you can plainly see the soothing green color throughout you. Bhutan is a country full of picturesque scenery, beautiful and huge monasteries, vibrant colorful festival, green forest, unpolluted environment, snow-capped mountain and a rich culture. Corruption is also at the very least and people appear in your thoughts their own business. It really is one of the safest places in the world as the local people are incredibly pleased with whatever they have got.

If you actually want to experience a country which is untouched by commercialization then you best check out Bhutan. Also, a Bhutan package from Delhi is an excellent place when you have a restricted budget. If you are an international traveler (not from India or neighboring countries) then its best to take the Druk Air flight to Paro. Druk Air is the only real official flight that is permitted to travel to Paro. Druk Air flies from Bangkok, Kathmandu, and Delhi. If you wish to visit the shows of Bhutan then about 7 days is perfect. You will need 2 days in Paro, 2 days in Thimphu and all of those other days for going to monasteries in other cities as well as hiking trips.

If you are clever then there is absolutely no use going for Bhutan tour packages from a travel agent. Transportation and accommodation in Bhutan are not so expensive and since it is one of the less visited countries you can certainly find accommodation. All you need to do is book the ticket in advance and then continue reading on the internet about Bhutan. After that, you can read your Bhutan tour itinerary from Delhi. Once you land in Paro, head straight towards the main markets where there a wide range of hotels booking available. Reserve an area by yourself at one of the hotels. For sightseeing, you can seek the services of Jeeps that exist from the hotel itself. There are many monasteries in Paro which you can visit.

After that, you can continue towards Thimphu, which is the capital of Bhutan. Here you will see several government houses that are constructed in the local Bhutanese style. In Thimphu, there are a few big monasteries as well which you can explore. A walk in the local market at night is crucial as you can buy traditional souvenirs for all your family members back home. A great time to go to Bhutan is through the festival time that happens in the weeks of March to April and September to October. These celebrations are packed with color as people socialize with the other person amidst cultural shows and Bhutanese music. Women wish to wear traditional Bhutanese wear and jewelry. It is a good idea to make your bookings beforehand if you intend to visit Bhutan during the event season. Accommodation rates are at their peak in the year nevertheless, you can conserve to 30 percent of the price in case you like moving in the offseason.

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Kumari Sujata
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