Best SEO tools of 2019 recommended by Professionals!


Not all of the SEO tools available are worth your time. There are few tools that dominate in SEO and those are the ones, all the SEO professionals should be focused on. Back in 2009, when I started SEO, I was pretty confused with the range of tools available in the market and tried so hard to figure out the best ones for me. It is hard to choose from a wide range of tools available in the market. And which tool provides the best features to deal with the bulk of data coming in. After utilizing SEO tools for years and years, I realized this for a fact that actually there are very few choices to make in this regard.

There are few tools that dominate the market with their exceptional services and features. The three main tools are SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Moz. I call these tools the powerhouse for SEO people. All three of them are undeniably the best SEO tools available out there. You’ll only require one of those powerhouses to do a smashing SEO for your website or for the client’s website.

After picking a powerhouse from the three of them, I’d recommend you to take full advantage of the free tools available in the market like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Both of these tools are top notch and are essential for day to day SEO operations. And the best thing about them is that they are free.

Well, this is how you should progress with your decision of SEO tools:

  • Choose SEMRush, Ahrefs or Moz as your powerhouse tool.
  • Install SEO plugin if you own a WordPress website.
  • If you own a massive site then try to add an SEO crawling tool.
  • The outreaching tool is necessary to build quality backlinks.
  • Utilize the free SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console etc.

Most Suitable SEO Tool for Beginners: SEMRush

If you’re just getting started with SEO then I’d recommend you to go with SEMRush. SEMRush is very easy to use as compared to other powerhouse SEO tools. Ahref certainly provides a high learning curve whereas Moz is a little complicated in its interface. SEMRush is quite organized and has a proper listed interface which makes all the features readily available.

SEMRush generates the best rank tracking reports. These reports introduce you with every little detail. The elaborated analysis of the report will instantly make you understand the current situation. The best thing is that the reports are not ambiguous.

SEMRush offers all the essential features of an SEO powerhouse like link analysis, keyword researching, competitor’s analysis, position tracking etc. You can enjoy SEMRush’s 7-day free trial to understand its features better before getting a premium plan.

Best suitable SEO Tool for Advanced SEO: Ahrefs

Once you get comfortable with the SEO stuff and want a tool which can help you enhance your skill more I’d recommend you to go with Ahrefs. Ahref is an advanced toy for the professionals who are done playing with SEMRush’s features. I can guarantee that every time you’ll log into this tool, you’ll discover something new. The tool is liberating for all the SEO professionals. You have endless features to play with. The tool is dense and I’ve seen several SEO beginners wrap their head around it but they actually struggled.

Ahref is perfect if you know exactly what you want and are determined to drive the desired results. I personally like Ahref’s link analysis better than any other tool. So if you’re planning to do a smashing link-building, then this tool is worth trying. For example, you’re are trying to create a strong backlink profile by pushing the keyword, Cox San Diego. Ahref will help you build and keep track of the backlinks better than any other tool available.

Most appropriate SEO plugin for WordPress: Yoast

There are thousands of SEO plugins out there, but there is no such plugin as Yoast. Yoast is a necessary plugin for a WordPress site. It automates several of SEO tasks for an individual. You should get Yoast SEO plugin without having any second thoughts. You can utilize its free version. You don’t need to upgrade its free version because it provides enough features for the SEO.

Get the most out of the Google Free tools:

Google Analytics is the most recommended tool for Website analytics. The search data available in Google Search Console is a goldmine. Google analytics provides you with features that are more than enough for your analytics. Set up your google analytics account by following this guide.  After setting up Google Analytics, set up Google search console too. Both the tools are completely free. Google search console provides access to the data once it verifies your Google Analytics account. You just need to authenticate that you own the site to set up a Google Search console. It is the only tool which provides you with actual keyword data from Google. It records all the errors Google detect on your website. It informs you what’s indexed on your website and what’s not, and also provides you with impressions and click through rate against all your keywords. I can’t overstate it enough- these tools are too good to be free. We can’t work on the SEO of a website without utilizing both of these tools.