Best hair treatments for healthy hair


Almost every woman loves her hair. Hair enhances the beauty of a woman. Some women like to keep short hair, some of the medium length and others of long length. It is out of personal choice and preferences of the women that they decide the length of the hair they want to keep. Whatever the length of hair is, it needs special care and attention. Moreover, new age styling techniques and equipment, as well as pollution, bring about a lot of damage to the hair.

Let us, first of all, examine all those factors that cause hair damage

The hair fall has increased so much that people have to resort to hair transplant. Thus, hair care becomes essential to retain healthy and lustrous hair.

  1. Coloring and dying: it has become a common trend to add color to the hair by either dying them or highlighting them or coloring them among the women nowadays. They may add to the beauty of hair, but applying these chemical products does a serious damage to the hair.
  2. Use of hair straighteners and curlers for hair styling: the women like to style their hair differently during different days. There is various equipment available in the market such as hair straighteners, curlers, blow dryers which are used for styling hair. Indeed, they add to the beauty of hair, but their usage makes the hair brittle and invites damage to the hair making them weak and causing loss of natural moisture.
  3. Hair sprays and gels: other products commonly in use are the hair sprays and hair gels. They help in fixing the hairstyles and setting the hair. However, these products cause damage to the hair in their own way as they deprive of the hair their strength which increases hair fall.
  4. Pollution: rising pollution is a major contributor to poor hair health. Pollution exposes the hair to various toxic chemicals and gases that have serious detrimental consequences to hair.
  5. Tight hairstyles: there are numerous things like hair extensions and weaves that are used to increase the length of hair. These require hair to be tied tightly and tying the hair tightly makes them weak.

Similarly, tying the hair too tight in a pony or pouf on a regular basis also makes them weak.

There are various treatments available nowadays that can be availed at salons or at home to strengthen the hair and to control the hair fall.

  1. Anti-hair fall shampoos: there are plenty of anti-hair fall shampoos available in the market that work wonders to reverse the hair fall and maintain the health of hair.
  2. Hair spa: hair spa is another very effective treatment for checking the hair fall and providing nourishment to the hair. It can be done at home as well a sit is available at salons.
  3. Hair primer: this product is to be used before using hair curlers or straighteners to minimize the negative effects of this hair styling equipment.
  4. Conditioning sprays: the conditioning sprays are ideal for those whose hair bear too much of heat. The spray is to be applied to wet hair so that it locks moisture and retains the smoothness of hair.
  5. Split end remedies: the hair tends to become weaker at the ends causing split ends and while visiting the salon, a large portion of hair is to be sacrificed forgetting rid of the ugly split ends. However, the wonderful split end remedies available in the market work wonders for controlling this issue and saving the hair from getting chopped off every time.
  6. Keratin treatment: keratin treatment is a protein treatment in which protein is supplied to hair. The protein nourishes the hair from inside making them strong and healthy which decreases hair fall and restores hair growth.

Overall, the bad health of hair is an issue being faced by a lot of women today. Hair is an asset for every woman and the yare in love with their locks. They like to flaunt their hair in different ways and styles to add to their beauty. As a result, poor hair health becomes a source of discouragement and slow esteem among women. That is why many remedies have been developed to restore not only the hair but also the confidence that women derive from their hair.