Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence In Cyber Security?


Machine learning and artificial intelligence – are they interconnected? Of course. Machine learning is one of the branches of AI or artificial intelligence. In this technology, scientists design programs that can enable computers to devise new solutions for complex problems via experience. In short, these super machines give solutions based on patterns and experience. And when time passes, these computers build suitable models to outsmart the human brain.

The last half a decade has seen a tremendous range of growth in AI and ML industries. The main reason for the development can be attributed to the evolution of other industries such as big data, cloud computing and distributed computing.

The initial stage of the Artificial Intelligence technology was started by the search engine, Google and the retail giant, Amazon. Oh Yes! We forgot to mention about Facebook. The main reason for these various business conglomerates to place focus on AI was to know about the behavioral data of their customers to promote leads and sales. Now, AI has developed to a big extent, that it is recommended for Cyber Security.

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security

Now, AI is used for the best purpose. With the entire global businesses becoming digital, cybersecurity is the concern of many bank organizations. With AI, the automation processes can be put in place for identifying security breaches and prevention of fraud.

Cyber Crime

Yes, humans have designed data deception products. They can detect, analyze and prevent hackers. But, sometimes hackers gain the upper hand. Or a mischief monger sends a virus in the mail to disrupt internet business transactions. Have you read about the recent type of malware that comes in the traffic? It comes as encrypted software that can lay access to confidential data. So a decent defense tool is necessary to prevent the entry of encrypted software to the system.

In such cases, you need to combine the best hacker professional who can design the top rated security software with the best AI. They will make a killer combination and will put across a technology or software that can grow smarter with time. It can act as the best sort of defense against hackers.

Challenges in AI

But there exists a challenge. Similar to the AI which learns by itself and makes the best software to prevent attacks, even the hackers are not far behind. They are designing AI systems on their own to detect patterns which the cybersecurity software lacks and then make the attack. Just imagine the situation. Don’t you feel that the Third World War will be fought not on the ground, but in the internet? And between extremely intelligent individuals? Your money can just vanish in thin air to a database which is invisible to the naked eye. Let us hope, that does not happen.

At present, the AI has switched over from search engines, retail data and behavioral patterns to identify patterns for protection of confidential data. In few years, national and international banks need to spend more on tools that use sophisticated AI with machine learning.

So, How Can AI Score Over A Human Cybersecurity Expert?

Any person, needs some time to check, analyze and put forward the best sort of defense in case of intrusion. But a AI can easily detect the change in patterns and it will lay no gap in defense activity.

So, shall we see what do the best cybersecurity professionals think about AI in cyber technology?

There are many professionals who stress on using AI technology in cybersecurity to identify the incidents. When it comes to online transactions, AI can put forward a series of tools to correlate and co-ordinate a software program that can put the best detection software among existing tools.

There are others who want to make use of AI technology to give a quick response in case of incidents. This can improve operations, customers can receive apt responses, the difficult type of incidents can get prioritization and yes, the remediation measures.

The remaining professionals want to use AI technology to detect the flaws in their company’s security software. This way, they can know about the vulnerabilities that needs quick attention.

What are the recent examples you see of AI in present human life?

You can see it in different aspects of life. How else could you explain the self driving cars, speech recognition software, recommendation engines etc?


Let us take a present situation. In recent times, home maintenance companies have mushroomed in all urban cities. They provide top quality doorstep repair services for your home. And the manufacturing companies of electronic appliances, they have made every recent model as “smart”. Without moving from your place, you can receive the alert that the washing machine has completed its activity. You can scan the contents of your fridge via its app while shopping in the mall. Shall we take another example? You stay in Bangalore. You are a working from home individual doing freelance projects on the laptop. It gets attacked with malware. If an AI program has been inserted, it will not only find the source of the problem but also give you information to find the best laptop technician in Bangalore who can fix the problem. In case, you approve of the info, an alert will be sent to the technician. You/he can make a call, and the problem can get fixed in short time.

Yes, technology has improved than it was a century ago. And, in recent times, you can do many jobs with just your mobile phone. And a few clicks. But while digital technology is growing at a fast rate, security breaches are also growing at an alarming pace. International organizations and banks are spending more than half of their fortune in putting the best defense against hackers and malicious activity. In short, AI in cybersecurity can enhance internet hygiene and will reduce the hacker attacks on any platforms.