Bangkok Nightlife – What to do and where to stay?


Bangkok is a home to the friendliest people on the planet. It has a great culture and tradition, which welcomes everyone to this city. Overloaded with beautiful temples, historical sites, significant landmarks, and heartwarming people, Bangkok is known as the City of Angels in the whole world. However, this is not the complete description of this astounding city. Bangkok has a secret that attracts millions of visitors and fun-seekers annually, from all around the world. It has a wild side associated with it, which it only shows to the person who wants to party.

Bangkok – the capital of nightlife in Far East Asia

Bangkok has an impression of being a tricky tourist destination. People think about it as a transportation hub and only use it to fly there and transit to the heavenly beaches in the south. However, Bangkok has a lot more to offer than temples, museums, and markets. It is the capital of nightlife for all South Asian countries and if you love to party and have fun, you are in the right place.

Bangkok nights are so vibrant and joyous, you are guaranteed to fell in love with it. You just need to open yourself for it, as it doesn’t unclutter itself easily. There are some great hotels, nightclubs, discos, restaurants, pubs, and markets that will make your stay much better. Though we realize that Bangkok’s nightlife may leave a permanent mark on you, we also recommend that in order to be in your best form and shape throughout your stay, there are different hotels and accommodations that have in-house clubs, discos, DJs, pubs, and restaurants. Even if it isn’t in your accommodation place, it is sure to be near it. So if you have a great time in this city, the side effects won’t affect you that much.

Planning a Bangkok trip to enjoy the nightlife

Planning a Bangkok trip to enjoy the nightlife

Planning your trip to Bangkok from booking your flights to all the preparations, accommodation and things to do isn’t that difficult. But it is still wise to plan your trip by consulting a renowned travel agency. We recommend our readers to acquire the services of Dream World Travel, as they have great Bangkok and Thailand traveling packages to offer. DWT is one of the leading travel agency in London. We have taken their services before, and they are always satisfied with a great after sale customer care.

When planning a trip to Bangkok which is solely based on experiencing the nightlife, we recommend you to attend parties and nightclubs that are in or near your hotel. In this article, all the hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and pubs are located near the best hotels and accommodation places. So read on and plan your trip wisely. We don’t want you to be in a state of a hangover in a foreign city.

Nightlife points in Bangkok

Following are some great and renowned points in Bangkok where you can spend the time of your life in this city. Do include them in your bucket list and try to visit all of them.

Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy is always perfectly lit in bright pink neon colors. There are some great bars along with some great DJs playing in the club. If you are searching for the wild side of Bangkok, this is your place.

Beam Nightclub

Opened recently to everyone, Beam houses underground and techno music for all bass lovers. This place is heaven for all people who just want to dance to the music and drink to lose themselves.

Sukhumvit Road

This street is the hotspot of nightlife in Bangkok. There are different bars and pubs on each side of this street. There are also some great places to stay nearby. So everything from this street is covered. You can also find taxis at any time of the day and night here.


Khaosan is a great place to party and spend your night in Bangkok, Especially if you are looking for some wild action in the City of Angels. It is considered as a haven for backpackers, as there are quite a few backpacking hotels in the area. So if you are backpacking in Thailand, this place should be your hub. And even if you are not on a backpacking tour, we recommend you to go to this place and socialize with different travelers there.


RCS is the beating heart of Bangkok’s nightlife scene. There are different discos and DJ nightclubs, where you can spend the night of your life. Route 66, and Onyx are two clubs in RCA vicinity that are known all over Asia for their fun and party scenes. There are also some great restaurants there. So if you are hungry, you know where to dine. There is a style code that is followed ion all the RCA clubs, so first find out which code you have to follow before going there.

Iron Fairies

Covered in a dark and pensive theme, this place is surreal magic. It offers a great place to drink and eat, in a great environment. Everything about this place is perfect, and we highly recommend you to visit it.