Article Submission Guidelines

The Article, just hearing the word people think that easy a job it is to write and convey something to an audience. But contrary to this belief the reality is that behind every article that we come across on the world wide web has a uniqueness of its own. Just how we do not like it when someone pronounces something wrong, in the same way, a person who is reading or scouting a potential business webpage and comes across a poorly written piece, the person will be disappointed.

So when writing an article, be it small or a lengthy one there are certain ground rules that need to adhered to.

  • An article needs to framed properly with the impeccable use of English, contains no grammatical errors.
  • There should be no room for punctuation or improper sentence formations or sentence capitalizations.
  • An article when written should always reflect as informative and not something that is intended purely for promotional purposes and also it should not be time sensitive.
  • The article should not portray anything thing in a divulgatory way which is false.
  • No derogatory or false negative information will be accepted as it has the potential to tarnish the image of the subject of the content.
  • There is no place for any usage of unlawful information or any controversial content.
  • An article is of acceptance when it contains at least 500 words which are feasible, meaningful and not just written to impress.
  • The content that is written should be authentic and not plagiarised from some other source and before we publish the article it is prohibited to publish elsewhere as it may lead to conflicts in the future.
  • For every article, there are a maximum of 2 links that are accepted with the inclusion of Author Bio.
  • The image should be Relevant to your content.

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