A step closer to the affordability of education in India


Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world. For a country, education is the most important pillar, and paying attention towards the education is the first step towards becoming a developed country. There are numerous issues and challenges for the betterment of the Indian Education system including-  Expenditure on Education, Gross Enrollment Pattern, Capacity Utilization, Infrastructure Facilities, Student-Teacher Ratio, Accreditation and Branding (Quality &Standards), Role of Banks etc. If we try to figure out the main challenges, it can be grouped into three main categories –(a) Lack of infrastructure (b) Affordability of education (c) High rate of dropping out before higher education

  • Lack of Infrastructure – For the better education, infrastructure must be good, but there are many institutions which cannot afford to renovate or create extra facilities for the betterment of education. Apart from renovation and opening new institution, there are many other things too, which are required for any institution like furniture, interior, etc. This is one of the main reasons for jeopardizing the rural education system in India. Thanks to the advent of newly launched infra loan the required infrastructure can be created. It is a loan channelized by Brainybatch. Com, which is provided to the institution for the enhancement of infrastructure and interior, which really help a lot of students for their future. The infra loan is available for institutions, play schools, schools, colleges, vocational training centers, universities and products and service suppliers to the educational institutes. The application procedure is made extremely simple so that more and more institutes come forward and change the face of the current scenario.
  • Affordability–To make every student educated, it is important to make an education affordable. There are many deserving students who are unable to take admission in good colleges or schools because of the lack of financial resources. In India, the fee structures of government-owned institutions or government-sponsored institution should be inexpensive, so the students can afford it easily. There are many private institutions having a freedom to set the fee structure and the fees are beyond the capacity of poor students as well as deserving students. Thus, it is important that the fee structure should be varied in every institution according to economically weak students and the deserving students because education is a right of every person. It is always seen that there are many parents who are not able to pay the admission fee and bear the cost of education and become the main reason for low literacy rate. So, if India wishes to increase the literacy rate, the education needs to be affordable. For paying the admission fee, the best option available for the parent is a short-term Short term loan is a loan which is taken for a period of less than one year or one year. There are two options via which you can pay the fee:
  • Online EMI – You can take the online emi from a bank or institution and repay it in the tenure of 1 month to 12 months, tenure depends upon the amount that you are taking as a loan as well as your source of income.
  • Credit Card EMI – Another option is credit card EMI. Nowadays, most of the people have the credit card, so you can swipe your credit card in the college, school or institution, then convert that amount into the EMI, so you can pay back the full amount to the bank with no extra cost. You can decide the tenure of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 1 year to pay back the amount.

  • The high rate of dropping out before higher education– There are many parents who want that their child will go for higher education, but due to the financial issues, a child has to leave his or her education, which is not a good sign for a country striving for a better society. The main reason for dropout is fear of not able to pay the fee throughout the tenure. This is the reason; the student is deprived of studying what he or she may have aspired for. The parents who have a financial problem for the higher education of their children, they can apply for the long term. Through this scheme, the loan will be granted for the entire tenure of higher education. So they will get a good education from the best institution, which they may have dreamt of. Applying for a long-term loan is an easy and hassle-free process with a minimum level of documentation.

So, if you are worried about your child’s education and thinking about the admission or annual fee, there is no need to panic. There are ways!!! Just you need to aspire and dream.  With the online EMI option along with other affordable schemes, you can bear the cost of education without any hindrance.