9 unique things to do in Delhi during the day


In this article, we tell you what to do in Delhi, India suggesting original travel experiences beyond the essential places of the visit that any city tour includes in the capital on a trip to India.

Keep reading our article and you will know what to do in Delhi once you have known the monuments and places to visit.

Here goes our well-spiced recipe that includes sikh beards and turbans, british colonial art, designer shops and traditional street stalls, green spaces among the urban chaos, a multimedia show in the oldest part of the city and a mystical trance ceremony.

 Top Nine things to do in delhi.

 1. A feast for the lovers of the Asian cuisine.

The khari baoli is the largest spice market in asia. In it, in addition to spices, you can buy all kinds of nuts, herbs and a wide variety of products linked to indian cuisine, all of excellent quality and at convenient prices.

 2. An immersion in the faith of the Sikh.

Delhi has its main sikh devotional center in gurudwara bangla sahib , a golden-domed architectural jewel centrally located next to connaught place. As usual in sikh temples, the visitor is always well received and their hospitality proverbial.

 3. Admit british artistic work of india in a hotel-museum.

The imperial , a dazzling luxury hotel and delicious art deco dating from 1931, treasures an impressive collection of art from the british colonial era, capable by itself of evoking the distant days of the raj.

 4. Shopping and leisure in luxurious environment.

Haus khaz village is home to a large number of designer and antique shops, art galleries, restaurants … All next to a pleasant pond surrounded by buildings of what was once the historical capital in the middle ages. It is the fashionable area in the city today and a must-see among things to do in delhi, india.

 5. Breathe with the green lung of the city.

Lodi garden offers a respite to the traveler overwhelmed by the urban frenzy of this metropolis and capital of India, and by the way, it allows discovering a good historical-artistic set of the 15th century. Garden of five senses is a green area of recent creation (2003) that dreams of programming citizen activities.

 6. A walk through millennium cultural tradition of India.

The akshardham complex is something like a gigantic twenty-first century theme park to the greater glory of the 10,000,000 years of cultural and spiritual tradition of the Indian subcontinent: temples, gardens, multimedia exhibition halls, musical fountains, boat trips … Essential among things to do in Delhi, India.

 7. A Day in Dili Haat

Dilli haat is an outdoor handicraft market promoted by the tourism and transport board of delhi. In their positions you can buy samples of the artistic and craftsmanship of various regions of the country and savor dishes from various regional cuisines.

 8. Attend the Purana Quila Light and Sound show.

In the old fort of purana quila , the oldest architectural structure in delhi, there is a light and sound show that traces the history of this city in just one hour.

 9. The mystical trance of the qawaali.

In nizanuddin dargah , the last resting place of the sufi saint nizzamuddin aulia, a concert of qawwali , the fascinating devotional music of this mystical branch of islam , can be attended on wednesday afternoons .