5 surprising reasons why tile floors are better than carpets


There are various flooring options in the market and each has its pros and cons. While some might be costlier for extensive use, others might be more hygienic.

Two of the most popular flooring options known globally are carpets and tile floors. There has always been a debate on which is better than the other.

The debate can be settled if one considers for how long an individual wishes to keep a particular flooring option and what are his/her priorities. 

To begin with, carpets are undoubtedly warm and cozy. Tiles, on the other hand, might not be warm especially during the winters.

But one can easily make up for it by wearing footwear at home. Carpets can also insulate sound and is easier to install.

Tiles need a little more work of scarping the old floor, laying the grout and putting the tile over it.   

But if one is considering the flooring option as a permanent choice, then tiles are extremely cost-effective.

Here are some surprising reasons why tiles are better than carpets for tiles.

1. Hygiene

Tiles are a cleaner option as compared to carpets. Carpets can trap the god and pet’s hair along with pet dander, parasites and pollen. Hence it is a big no for people with pets. Also for those who stay in humid climatic conditions, carpet is not the best choice as it traps moisture. Children often tend to drop things and stain the floor. It is tough to clean stains on the carpets. So a big no for those with children as well. Tiles have an advantage in terms of all these issues.

2. Maintenance

Tiles don’t need much maintenance. Stains can be easily cleaned by mopping; and dust by a mere sweep. Carpets need to be cleaned thoroughly at least once in 12 months which increase its maintenance cost.

3. Cost

It will be surprising to know that both the flooring options run neck-to-neck when it comes to the cost factor. But the installing requires extra effort in case of tiles and maintenance needs investment in case of carpets.

4. Health factor

Doctors recommend tiles over carpet for those with allergies since it traps pollens, animal hair, dust and gives rise to mould. These can cause severe issues with people suffering from asthma and skin allergies. The moisture trapped in carpets can give way to deadly black mild and smell. It is easier to clean all the allergens by simply mopping it and hence it is a healthier option. This can even make the house smell better.

5. Variety

Tiles come in a variety of colours, patterns and designs. Carpets have limited variety. Tiles are thus the first choice of interior decorators and for those who want to customise their flooring style.  

These are five reasons why one should choose tiles over carpets. There is no better option than tile when it comes to prolonged use and value for money.

It is an ideal flooring option for those with allergies, pets, children, and for those who live in humid conditions. If you are finding difficulty to pick suitable tiles for your home you can speak to Tiles expert Flisehuset who can assist you in a better way.