5 Most Expensive Luxury Dream Vacations Every Traveler Should Know


When we think about extreme luxury vacations, we picture extravagant villas with private pools, 24-hour butlers, amazing views, and pristine shorelines. Well if money is not the answer to this, the whole world becomes a destination.

We listed some of the most expensive trips that travelers can consider ranging from around $900 to $195,000 USD per night. The price is unbelievable, right? But you can guarantee that these destinations and accommodations will make your jaw to drop on the ground, and certainly provide you with a memorable experience.

Check out these dream vacations that offer all the relaxation you could ever want with shocking price tags to match.

Laucala Island- Fiji

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Of course, who doesn’t have Fiji in their bucket list? Fiji has 300 islands with palm-lined beaches coral reefs with Laucala Island is the world’s embodiment of a luxurious island resort in Fiji, which is committed to giving you an unforgettable experience. This place is not just one of those usual luxury private islands, this is one of the most wished for places to visit.

It is known for its extremely comfortable private island resorts, with views so captivating that will immediately sweep you off your feet when you walk in. Just to spend a night in one of its wonderful hilltop residences costs about $62,000.

They have plenty of activities you may engage yourself into such as rainforest walking tours, farm visits, jet skiing horseback riding, fishing, kaya jet skiing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and golf.

Musha Cay- Bahamas

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This is one of the most expensive islands in the world. The Bahamas is considered to be one of the most secluded and elegant spots in the world to spend your holiday. The island will cost you around $37,500 per night if you bring up to 12 guests along with you. This is such a worth it vacation with your partner or family.

You and your family can do some paddle boarding or play some tennis. The best part is just to simply relax in their dreamy beachside bed and just appreciate the scenic views of nature. If you want to revitalize yourself from the busy city and pressure at work, revitalize your mind and body with a long massage and hop on the 28 feet Nautilus Rib Catamaran if you need something unique and unusual.

Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge- Rwanda

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Located in Africa, this rare Bisate Lodge amazingly sits directly next to Rwanda’s Volcano National Park. This a secluded place that comes with only six villas, all intended to look like the palaces of traditional Rwandan monarchs, featuring a central fireplace and decks affording a dramatic view of the nearby volcanoes.

As their privileged guests, you may help in the lodge’s reforestation project by planting a tree and be part of their conservation efforts for Rwanda’s mountain gorillas. Their rooms start at $1,100 per person per night.

What you’ll love about the Bisate Lodge is that you can join the lodge’s chef when he journeys out to the local market for the day’s fresh ingredients and make friends with so many welcoming people there.

The White Desert- Antarctica

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Would you be willing to pay an entire trip that lasts less than 24 hours for $195,000? The White Desert is considered as the “greatest trip” because it provides a one-day trip to Antarctica. The trip will start off from Cape Town, then guests board a Gulfstream Private Jet and set off for the icy continent.

You have about eight hours to explore, ending in a gourmet champagne dinner. This trip is tailored to fit all of your most exotic needs. If you have skiing, trekking through ice tunnels, ice climbing, kite-skiing, and flying over the South Pole, then you can check them all from your bucket list.

Cocoa Island- Maldives

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And of course, everybody’s dream! The Maldives– perfect for both romantic getaways and family vacations. Yes, this resort doesn’t stay on an island, because your accommodation is out over the blue waters that are connected to Cocoa Island by the boardwalk.

Their accommodations are not just those little straw huts, instead, they vary from split-level suites to two-bedroom villas and provide private sun decks. You may have fun with their catamaran snorkeling trips, scuba diving, fishing, and island hopping trips to encounter the local culture.

You may dine at their restaurant Ufaa on South Indian-style organic fare or a taste of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Their rates start at $900 per night which totally worth it.

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