5 Aesthetics for Every Artsy Girl Around


When we talk about women supplies, there is nothing which can be thought of unimportant or less important. Pretty much of everything is super important, in fact necessary. And in case of the artsy girl, aesthetics are more important than basics.

There are things other than bobby pins and black leggings that no artsy women can afford to miss, no matter what. Even the smallest of notepad or a pair of socks, it should please the aesthetics. Here are few things every girl must own if she wants to step up her aesthetic game.

Classic zipper pouch

Make it your go-to wallet or makeup pouch in your bag, this gives off some legitimate aesthetic vibes. It’s something much more than just a new cool, it will organize all your small outdoor essentials from pens, pencils to cards and lipsticks. An aesthetic printed pouch is everything to make a separate room for every tiny important thing in your bag. And above all, they are a major stand out in the crowd. Stereotypical? Not at all.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are a must have to step up your daily style game! No girl is complete without a pair of great flip-flops. They are one comfy pair of fashion and aesthetics girls can wear anywhere anytime. It is something that goes with everything, specially the casual homie attire. Now you must be wondering what’s aesthetic in flip-flops, then let me tell you, they are super artsy. The Warehouse has got all the great aesthetically pleasing pair of flip-flops that are not just super chic but very comfy too.

Funky tank tops

If you are the girl with extreme rough style, then chic tank tops must be your go-to outfit. You can get the cool funkiest tank tops by online shopping in Pakistan, be it truck art, floral or geometric art, and get them all to achieve the super classy chic look, creating a new trend. Go wild with your style expressing some crazy color schemes. You can style it any way you want, it’s all up to your aesthetics and choices.  Throw a cardigan and stole paired with a ripped jeans and flip-flops, you will look as edgy as you have always been wanting to.

Beanies and tote bags

It might sound weird to you but beanies and tote bags are the new aesthetics one can never ever ignore. This weird combo will look chic if you do it right, we guarantee you that you will stand out and rock your look. They are not just funky but are also something no so stereotypical and will stand out. Since the designs are very subtle yet loud you will not look weirdly specific. Tote bags don’t just look chic but are super useful yet convenient to carry. Moreover, this combo is great in the sheer cold weather.