4 important Steps towards the successful conception


If you are worried due to your inability of conceiving your baby then you must visit the IVF center in India so that you could have the best treatment for getting pregnant named as IVF or In Vitro Fertilization.

IVF is the lab-based procedure due to which each infertile couple can have their baby. It is an effective treatment of artificial conception that held out from the body in the controlled conditions of the lab. The conditions are kept monitored while the fertilization of female eggs so that the lab could mimic the mother womb.

IVF treatment procedure includes mainly the 4 steps as below:

Ovulation inducement

In the first step of IVF, specialist monitors the ovaries and timing of the egg release inside the female. If the ovaries produce the right amount and quality of eggs then doctors wait for the right time to start IVF cycle but in case women do not ovulate fertility drugs and injections are induced for the stimulation of ovulation so that number of matured and high quality of eggs can be obtained.

If the patient is unable to produce the eggs even after the inducement of fertility drugs then IVF cycle is ensured with donor eggs as per the desire of couple.

Eggs and sperm collection

Next most important step is egg retrieval in which thin needle is inserted in the ovaries through the vagina to retrieve the eggs, during this retrieval process patient has been given some sedatives of local anesthesia so that she could not feel any discomfort or pain. However after the collection of egg female scan experience mild vaginal pain or mild bleeding, nausea, vomiting or even headache. On the same day of egg retrieval semen sample of the male partner is also taken to collect the sperm.

If the patient has no sperm or poor quality sperm then donor sperm can also be used according to the approval of the couple. Even the techniques like ICSI are also combined to ensure the success of IVF.


In the natural conception female egg and the male sperm meet in the fallopian tubes generally but in this method of artificial conception female egg is kept with the male sperm in the Petri dish to ensure the penetration and fertilization of the egg. During the fertilization process, lab conditions are controlled enough to make them ideal for fertilization and same like the mother womb.

Embryo implantation

The final step of the IVF cycle is the embryo transfer. After 3-4 days of fertilization of the egg when the embryo gets developed then after the pre-genetic analysis to ensure zero genetic defects, the best quality embryo is chosen to improve the chances of success after treatment. The best quality embryo is implanted in the mother womb for a happy pregnancy.

After the completion of all steps of the IVF cycle patient is asked to go home and to take the complete rest for few days and after 15 days of treatment, she could take the pregnancy test to ensure the success of treatment.